Is depression a big con?

Is depression a big con?


Fuck’s sakes. Get over the thread title, please. You’ll miss the content.


Can’t wait for @lord-duckhunter to find this thread.


Is there a particular reason you can’t just change it due to Popular Demand?


Well, you’ve got enough people telling you it needs changing. Maybe you might consider changing it…


He’ll be fine. He has been puffing on a “Camberwell Carrot” since the 60’s!


There’s something in that, at least for me. I only ever get anxious & low-spirits when I’m alone. I don’t mean i.e. Single, I mean, physically alone. Even at work, if they leave me alone in the office for 2 mins I start pining like dog, and come on here looking for Company.


I believe that part of the diagnostic chalenge is that despite scales and assesments, the impact of any of these illnesses ismostly unique to the individual and there are so many prognostic factors tahtinfluence long term outcomes.I think Smiler sums this up very well by how he felt that the meds were perhaps not the best solution for his diagnosis (and from what he describes i dont think there was anything fake about it, but perhaps not enough time was spent assessing him and coming to a more accurate conclusion and thus ensuring a more appropriate therapeutic plan. But that is another problme in taht even with a confirmed diagnosis, the treatment that will work best for the individual is also not always clear- and patients often react differently to the same medications, even before dose variations.

The much heavier use of prescription medicines is very common in the states, but less because of Drug company/provider relationships… more that the private insutance system will cover most meds if you or your employers have you on a decent tarrif…agood example is that of Aripiprazole (Abilify) which is an anti-psychotic. In the EU the total annual sales are approx 480mil where it is prescribed for Schizophremia and bi-polar disorder. In the US, with a similar total population of approax 330mil, the annual sales are in excess of 4bn… where its is also prescribed for depression. Now I cant comment on the efficacy or whether that is appropriate or not, but that is a ten fold increase in sales…

I must admit to being VERY pleasently surprized that this thread has had such mature and thoughful reposnses - its exactly the kind of open discussion needed to get more folks to understand the head gets ill, just like other parts of the body and we need more effective therapies, support mechanisms and understanding.


I always thing life is a bit like…

‘’ You can have a) wealth, b) enjoying your job and c) having a great family/outside worklife’’’ pick 2

Very very few folks could say they have all 3, many only have 1…


We all need a good support system. I went through a period when I didnt have much outside my job and my family. I was made redundant the same time I broke up with my wife and had to leave home and my three very young daughters. I wqs seeing a good therapist at the time (out of my own pocket) who said if you cant keep your family together at least hold you job together! Not a happy time but I now have a wonderful wife and three lovely grown up daughters, so thankfully, it paid to wade through all of the shit. Hang on to hope. That is all we have.


Three reasons, really.

First, it would invalidate a lot of the content from those that flew off the handle. Not only would it look like they cannot read (as they do now), it would also look like they were complaining about something that was never said.

Second reason is that there is a wider discussion to be had about causes of depression. If it turns out that people are depressed because they’re skint or lonely or something, and that those making money off that are actively promoting it, that’s worth discussing.

Finally, now that @thecholulakid has weighed into educate me, I don’t want to take his education and potentially incur costs for me ma and pa.


I am confused. Do we all agree then that that depression isnt a big con?


What would’ve happened if you’d never used that title in the first place?. I wonder.


We would probably have continued to have insightful discussions about how depression affects us without also having to reference pap’s inability to admit he’s ever wrong or insensitive or has terrible judgment.

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For me personally I don’t have an issue with the thread title, I will admit to some initial apprehension but the OP kind of clarified it for me, and I don’t feel it was Pap’s intention to suggest that depression was in and of itself* non-existent.

I can see how it would bother people though, much in the way that Pap takes exception to people using the word ‘deluded’ it all kind of comes down to perception and experience I guess.

*I am a bit unsure if I have used this phrase in the correct context, sometime I use it to try and sound clever and it backfires.


That’s not the question! I mean it was, but it still isn’t! Can’t you read!

I understand it’s more about if there is some conspiracy prescribing meds to people who are just Rationally Sad, or something, but in full disclosure, I haven’t actually watched the fkn video.


No charge for you, Pap. Independent schools need to justify their charitable status somehow.


look at all that tautology, @fowllyd will have a field day.


I thought the tax breaks were justification in and of themselves.



it would be even better if it wasn’t for all the Aussies! (Current friends and family excluded, of course)


Weird, given that most of the biggest bits of pap lore involve me admitting very publicly that I was wrong.

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