Is Democracy on the Decline

Hmm, just read this article, it’s US based but a lot of it struck a resonance with what is going on in the “civilised” nations.


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And please @barry-sanchez can we not have a digression into slating liberals and lack of social cohesion, please :lou_is_a_flirt:

Being fair, the article does state social cohesion and a lack of trust between communities as one of the problems.

Bloody Muslims and liberals!

Yeah, yeah I know but I didn’t want the focus to be on that, the article has a lot of other things to say about it too

Nancy Bermeo, a politics professor at Princeton and Harvard, began her talk with a jarring reminder: Democracies don’t merely collapse, as that “implies a process devoid of will.” Democracies die because of deliberate decisions made by human beings.

Usually, it’s because the people in power take democratic institutions for granted. They become disconnected from the citizenry. They develop interests separate and apart from the voters. They push policies that benefit themselves and harm the broader population. Do that long enough, Bermeo says, and you’ll cultivate an angry, divided society that pulls apart at the seams.

So how might this look in America?

Adam Przeworski, a democratic theorist at New York University, suggested that democratic erosion in America begins with a breakdown in what he calls the “class compromise.” His point is that democracies thrive so long as people believe they can improve their lot in life. This basic belief has been “an essential ingredient of Western civilization during the past 200 years,” he said.

But fewer and fewer Americans believe this is true. Due to wage stagnation, growing inequalities, automation, and a shrinking labor market, millions of Americans are deeply pessimistic about the future: 64 percent of people in Europe believe their children will be worse off than they were; the number is 60 percent in America.

That pessimism is grounded in economic reality. In 1970, 90 percent of 30-year-olds in America were better off than their parents at the same age. In 2010, only 50 percent were. Numbers like this cause people to lose faith in the system. What you get is a spike in extremism and a retreat from the political center. That leads to declines in voter turnout and, consequently, more opportunities for fringe parties and candidates.

Benevolent Dictatorships ARE the way forwards.

Been telling you that for ages.



The thing is I know I’m right about social cohesion, I don’t need to emphasise it nor prove it, only a fool would deny it.

Remember the Sotonians soviet joke vote thing?

Benevolent Dictatorships ARE the way forward.


Just because you think you are right, it doesn’t mean you are. Your idea of social cohesion, or lack of, is totally warped by your issue with Muslims and immigrants. But well done for dragging yet another thread back to your agenda.

Wrong again.

Democracy works as long as those who don’t get their own way are prepared to accept that decision for the greater good of their society. What we are seeing now is a deep dissatisfaction in the process through the election of someone like Trump as POTUS and the vote over Brexit. Those who voted against both feel strongly that these were deeply flawed decisions and many feel let down by the democratic process. Through in the least “strong and stable” government we have had for years and it is no wonder people are questioning the whole process of democracy. There is no one system that will please all of the people all of the time and the very nature of democracy means that a significant proportion of the electorate will always feel disenfranchised. This is tempered in some measure by the fact that we can vote out unpopular Governments after 5 years and the likes of Trump can serve no longer than two terms in office. Not so with Brexit though. Those who disagree with leaving the EU do not get to vote us back in again in 5 years time. Although Trump can be voted out though, the fear is how much damage can you do to the planet before that day comes. The will of the people is fine and dandy when everyone agrees but not so when there is a large division in the electorate over very divisive issues. A benevolent dictator would be wonderful if he/she was able to give everyone in the country what they wanted but you only have to look at the divisions on football Internet forums to see that is doomed to failure. There is no perfect solution, just a least bad one. So far western democracy seems the least bad way of governance although the actual electoral system are in need of overhaul so that minority voices are still heard.



So you are not dragging this thread back to your agenda?

No not at all, I was mentioned and thought it would be right to reply.

That pretty succinctly puts my thoughts on the matter too Tokes, but not surprising considering we’re the same person (allegedly).


Is Democracy Srs On Decline? It would be nice if we could reach a consensus on this issue. Maybe the OP can add a Poll?


It’s anything but benevolent if She who must be obeyed isn’t…


Maybe the liberal and metropolitan elite bemoan a lack of democracy as they’re ideals, ideas and beliefs are “losing” at the moment? People want more than an idea preached from London, California etc etc, they want relevance and if they feel they’re not getting from the centre they’ll go to the extremes.

Its hardly rocket science is it.

Neither is the solution but the major parties wouldn’t want more power diluted as it would be turkeys voting for Christmas, proportional represntation and coalitions are the answer to fighting extremes but that won’t happen so get used to this and a lot more.

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He ain’t girl he is just long hair.

Lets prove this once and for all. In exactly 30 secs we will both say a colour. If we choose the same colour, we are obs the same person. If different, we are not. 100% full proof that two people on same football fans forum for same team won’t choose the same colour by accident esp as I support Celtic (allegedly).