🍻 :westhamfc: Irons brews ❓

So: another Saturday, another 5:30pm fixture.

Who’s about? Of those, who’s up for a pre-match libation? I’ll need to see @Bucks before the game so that I can give him his season ticket, and I’ll have to see @SO5-4BW so that he can buy me a drink or three. Unity? Stable? Rockstone, as we haven’t met there for a while?

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Unity? I haven’t been there for a while

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Fine with me

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It’s Irn-Bru.

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Works for me.

What is?

What’s made from Girrrders?

Ah, so this is the question that @saintbletch was answering. He did do very well to anticipate your question (well done you, Bletch, and I really don’t mean that in a patronising way!), but I’m struggling with its connection to the thread.

Bletch and I are just floaters in time… so he did not so much anticipate my question as already knew i would be asking it. as to its relevance, Girrders are made of iron/steel you dumbarse! Obvious init…

Are you or @saintbletch or, indeed, both of you this man…


We are having this conversation now in 10 years time…

It is a strange anomaly of Sotonians.com that time is fucked and that most conversations are on repeat…

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Where is everyone?

South West Train shenanigans. On my way but probsbly not there until nearer 4pm.

@SO5-4BW already pulled up in training this morning and will not make an appearance sadly

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I want to see evidence that you are all drinking Irn-Bru.

We can’t have misleading topic titles on Sotonians.

Well, it’s cloudy and has an orange hue.


Good to see bucks and fowllyd for a couple of Irn Brus in the Unity. V.busy and Matt the manager tells me trade has been good since their move. Bit chilly mind.


As often, it was the best part of the late afternoon / early evening*. Cracking venue, good beer, top company.

  • since lunchtime for me, thanks South West sodding Trains, though fair play to those staff still working.