Iran: the next front line?

I would like to say: please can we stay the fuck out of this. Unfortunately I know that will never happen.

Watch this space.


Unfortunately Goat it’s a foregone conclusion. The West’s addiction to burning energy guarantees it.

They will dress it up to ease delicate western sensibilities, but it’s all going to kick off next year(financial collapses galore, as well).

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I’ll just leave this here.


Clever by Donald.

Start kicking the shit out of Iran & they can get their mates still in Syria to lob air burst artillery shells soaked in nuclear waste back over the border & solve the Israel issue once & for all

All of this does beg the question:

What the fuck did Boris say?

“At school, we called this Arab Barab!”, or something similarly embarrassing.

Indeed. That one was just beyong belief. Someone noted the whole kneeling protest. So one sort of protest is ok and another (against him etc) is not.

Probably hob nobbed with the rich elite from the Middle East at school.

Iran is a lovely place been there many times pleaseant and surprisingly so sober people .

Got my first ever can of Gin and Tonic there (in a single can)