Iran or Saudi?

Iran all day long, what do the Saudis actually do that is compatible with the modern World?


The UAE has decided to downgrade the level of its diplomatic representation in Iran to that of a charge d’affaires and to require a reduction in the number of Iranian diplomats stationed in the UAE.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement said that Saif Al Zaabi, the UAE Ambassador in Tehran, has been summoned home, in accordance with this decision.

“This exceptional step has been taken in the light of Iran’s continuous interference in the internal affairs of Gulf and Arab states, which has reached unprecedented levels,” the statement said.

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The ministry statement emphasised that positive and natural relations between states should be based on mutual respect for the sovereignty of states and the adoption of a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of others.

After Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Iran following the execution of a prominent opposition Shia cleric and attacks on its diplomatic posts in Iran, Bahrain also severed its diplomatic ties with Iran.

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Iran all day long, what do the Saudis actually do that is compatible with the modern World?

I’m with you bazza purely to see how much Phil and the rest of the Barasti massive like having the legendary immortals visiting them uninvited when Saudi sacrifices the UAE in this Shia/Sunni powerplay.

They happily sold Yemen down the river so UAE wont be an issue.

If the world carries on like this there’ll be no airspace left that is safe for airlines to fly through. We’ll head East to start with…

Look, we’ve had our own pet Syrian Refugee for a few years now, I know you lot oop north are only now coming to terms with this new hip trend, but being as I need to work for a living I won’t debate this stuff online or down Barasti, but we do talk a lot when nothing can be overheard - eg while trying to hide the sound of bad karaoke singers on Tuesday nights and the problem you guys actually have is that your media tells you the news and as always you get Black & White never the Grey reality.

Spending an hour in the pub with a Shia talking background puts a lot of things into perspective while our local Sunni belts out Thunderstruck on stage.

This sh1t could get very real very quickly, NOBODY in the past couple of days since this kicked off have mentioned the other party in this game - Turkey.

A few million homeless Syrians will be nothing to 150 million Iranians Turks & Financial Services Sales ExPats trying to get to sanctuary.

Iran takes out the first tanker in the Straighyts of Hormuz (again) and… Bang go your pensions, stock market and cheap petrol

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Good work Phil, able to talk gibberish politics while still including a Karaoke angle. 9/10. Would have been 10 but I didn’t see a single mention of golf pro or a friendly female.


Let the Middle East sink into the sand, its being propped up in both senses by money and once it goes it will fall back into the sand and the lads can get back to proper falconry…

Actually, I think that is possibly the best description of this part of the world I’ve ever read. Gonna steal that, thanks Toke’s

Unfortunately Barry, there are about 1.4 billion Muslims around the World and their Spiritual home may well soon get fought over but it won’t be allowed to sink into the sand, if it DID then there will be an awful lot of people worldwide pointing the fingers at each other and who sided with whom. Last time the two sides (Sunni Proxy & Shia) properly went at each other it is estimated that close to 1 million people died.

And the impact of that on one of those countries has continued to have a profound impact on your security, economy and Armed Forces - Iraq.

Big Oil & Military Industrial Complex are embedded so we know who the “good guys” will be, and all this goes on because of the interpretation of a 2000 year old book and seems as intractable as the Religious Conflict in Ireland did in the 70’s to us English

Not going to take sides in this debate. Death Penalty for 40 something Terrorists, understandable within the context on keeping the lid on the divisions in that Country EVEN THOUGH ABHORRENT to me & everyone else.

Killing the Cleric? Well, they must have had a reason that no other sane person can find.

But don’t forget Iran is split in two as well and their Human Rights/Judicial System is no better (Homeland : Bodie for a simplistic graphic example)

Only thing that could have made the World more unsafe right now was if Kim Il NutCase had executed a bunch of S Korean & US Diplomats

I would trust North Korea far far more, they aren’t guided by a bullshit book, can you still not swear online in the Emirates?

Backward stonethrowing undemoncratic regime, similar to North Korea in that sense.