Investment Zones


Something does need to change - the planning Act was create in 1947 - there is 17m more people in the Uk today

Either we build more or tell loads of people to fuck off out of it

Whether these investment zones are the right idea or will even come to fruition remains to be seen

Priority should be to make it compulsory to build on brownfield sites before greenfield. That’s a quick and easy win isn’t.l? It won’t be palatable to people who are driven by maximising profits above everything else though l.

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Sound bite politics?

Am sceptical about whether they would work or even if they are a great idea imho

I would say the key priority is to speed up the process - it shouldnt take years to get stuff done

Endless appeals, judicial reviews etc - the objectors are too well organised and good at tying projects in knots

Well someone has to stop developers taking the easiest way to make the biggest Buck and sod the country and environment. The government aren’t going to help.

I feel you and I aren’t going to agree on this topic.


The idea of investment zones in the abstract is a good one, offering an attractive counter-proposal to businesses that might be thinking about setting up in the concentrated South East,

Investment zones, as they’re likely to be implemented, will probably end up being a massive tax dodge and source of loopholes for years to come.

Ah, large company. You’ve set your head office up in Sunderland Investment Zone? That’s just lovely.

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If it were restricted to developers trying to take the piss then fine, but it’s not. It affect even critical infrastructure builds

Take these mini nuclear reactors- we need energy security, but watch how long it will take to get them to break ground

Maybe, though I suspect that even the most crusty of crusties have had a big wake up call with the energy crisis.