Inverted sexism

Just browsing through some tripe on the BBC website, this looked faintly interesting.

It was a story about the lockdown causing people to contact their former partners, and I had a brief read. What got me thinking was this line; "James fit the brief for a cool boyfriend. He was cute. He was funny. At 17, he was a year older than Irina. He was tall, too."

I’ve been wondering, if the story had been the other way round, would the writer have remarked "Irina fit the brief for a cool girlfriend. She was cute. She was funny. At 17, she was a year younger than James. She had big tits, too."

Or is it just me? :thinking: :smile:

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I thought that when reading it, one rule for one and not the other, the new normal.

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If she had written, ‘He had a big cock too’, which would equate with ‘She had big tits too’, you would have a point. But she didn’t did she.

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Seems to me like James wants to get back in Irina’s knickers.


And why not!

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He’s probably bored of wanking his knackers flat during lockdown and thought he’d get in touch with some old flames. Make up some old pony about helping those less fortunate and say you’re sorry for sacking her off years ago and she may well be impressed and relent and even suggest a meet up somewhere. So transparent, it’s untrue!


It wouldn’t equate at all.

These days, it’s mostly just you.

However, there was a time (don’t know if it’s still going on) where it was okay to portray men as utterly fucking hopeless in TV ads when they’d never have gotten away with it had the opposite been implied.

I suppose the real question is “do you feel marginalised?”, one which I can advise on.

If you don’t, no problem.

If you do, man up :smiley:

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Short people, bald people and gingers = open season.

Yet strangely idiot shaming is frowned upon.

What a world, eh, Bazza.

What a world.

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I don’t feel marginalised at all, but then I’m not a shortarse. :smile: :smile:

You should be grateful that at least someone is sticking up for you… :grin:

Point of order… the ‘inverted’ in the thread title is tautology. Sexism is sexism whichever direction… just saying like

Point of order, I would suggest it is more pleonasm than tautology, as the word ‘inverted’ is redundant rather than saying the same thing, calling @Fowllyd to use his judgement to adjudicate which it is in his own opinion to decide what it should be.

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I’m stupid but 6ft so all’s well, being short must be wank, patted on the head, being picked up as a lucky charm, thrown at large darts boards at parties etc etc…

So you agree that it’s sexism then?

NO, it would have been sexist if you had suggest ‘fun bags’


Surely the equivalent would be “He had nice abs”.

What you said is the equivalent of “She had a tight pussy”.

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“Harder!! Deeper!!” she gasped.

“Wetter!! Tighter!!” I replied.

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