Internet - It's a serious business


That’s Batman that is.


Or Alpine. Or quite a few others I can think of!

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MLG, although I don’t think he intends to be that way

Aw man, I’d love to take the piss out of these people more, but I think I’ve been there at times :frowning:

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Well I was going to say something but then this is su casa so I chickened out :smiley:


The “I’m sending you five links that are not as relevant as I think they are” line certainly strikes a chord :smile:

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Oh aye, I was lethal for that.

The only reason you haven’t seen more of it in the past year is that KRG had usually made my point for me by time I’d gotten around to posting :slight_smile:

I wasn’t actually thinking of you when I wrote that, Pap.

One or two others leap more readily to mind; none of them on here as far as I’m aware.

So far.