⚠ Internet Explorer v11 End of Life - June 2020

:warning: Internet Explorer v11 End of Life - June 2020

tl;dr Stop using Internet Explorer v11 and move to another browser before June 1st.

Just so everybody is aware, if you are still using Internet Explorer 11 to access sotonians.com, from June 1st 2020 (or soon after) you will not be able to access sotonians.com reliably.

The site may not work at all or weird stuff might happen.

If you are a masochist or for work reasons, you have to use a Microsoft product then move to Microsoft Edge. Better still move to Chrome, Chromium, Firefox or Opera.

More information can be found here.

And if you think Discourse has problems, just wait until all those “ain’t broke don’t fix it” operations that have kept their software on IE for years have to deal with this.

One of my former employers is about to experience that pain.

TBH honest bletch the new Edge that is based on Chromium isn’t too bad either, and your Chrome extensions will work in it as well.


Unfortunately, Edge does not support a lot of the proprietary shit such as ActiveX which Microsoft once used to mandate everywhere.

It was never a good idea like. Seems even worse now.

Oh I wasn’t talking about support for old crap that should never have been used, ever.

I meant the experience of using Edge (powered by Chromium) isn’t too bad.