Internazionale v Southampton - Match Thread

Southampton FC@ SouthamptonFC 7m7 minutes ago

🇮🇹 21 players are making the trip to Milan for # SaintsFC’s clash with @ Inter. More here:




Boufal should get some game time. Also nice to see so many youngsters in the squad.

It’s unique in Saint’s history…which will become more commonplace so important for the younger players to be exposed and motivated by the experience.

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Based on that you’d have to imagine McQueen will start. That’s a pretty nuts week for a Southampton born player. Dreams are made of that.


Glad to see Fonte included - was beginning to worry that his exclusion from the Europa squads meant that he was being flogged to another Europa team in January… like Man Utd. (Come to think of it, not sure if that sort of ‘cup-tying’ even applies to Europa matches…)

Think it applies in all uefa comps. Just being named in the squad would exclude him from playing for another club in the Europa League. That’s my understanding of it.

Anyone know for sure?

I would not worry too much about Fonte going to “another Europa team in January…like Utd”. Utd wil not be in the Europa by then anyway




Martina Yoshida Van Dijk McQueen

Hojbjerg Romeu JWP

Long Tadic JRod


Got to be proud. Our lot are making some noise :lou_lol:

Have put all the money left in my betfair account on this game. Scorecasts 0-3 &1-3 with a selection of first goal scorers. Tadic, Rodriguez, JWP and Højbejerg. Any of them come in and it’s paid for the trip.

Enjoy wherever you’re able to watch it


Good luck everyone, especially Sam McQueen.

Can an I apologise in advance for Saints inevitable loss? I’m 44 today and we have a history of poor results around my birthday. Still I’ve had enough alcohol to ease things considerably. COYS!


Not sure I will get to the start of the match on BT sport without throwing a brick at the computer… That woman lindsey is so wooden and irritating me the moment she opened her gob…

Don’t worry Mullet…my stripey bowl/porridge breakfast combo has neutralised any bad effects of your birthday. Our brave lads will come back with the points. :lou_lol:

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Settled in the pub with SO5 and Jxgr - game on - come on your brave lads in red and white!

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oops :lou_surprised:

Bugger me it sounds like a home game! :lou_lol:


JRod… :lou_angry:

Martina looks absolutely fucking lost.

Inter look worse than Burnley.

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Controlling this game at the moment.