Roy’s ‘unbeaten in qualifying’ side not doing so well this evening… who would have thought… France v Germany is dull as well (watching that on a French Stream)… so we going to win Euro 16 or what?

Morgan coming on for France…

France 2-0 Germany - although not the stringest German side with a few youngsters - they look disjointed and have not quite been the same since Lahm retired from international football… his quality would be missed by any side. France looking a bit better with younger players etc.

Sat watching England and shouting at the screen as usual. Ryan trying to get things moving down the flank with give and goes. He gives…goes…and Stirling doesn’t return it…this isn’tfuckin’ rocket science. Our best chance in the first half came from Ryan’s cross from a giveand go…never to be repeated in the rest of the game.

I give up.

Sounds like pretty scary stuff happening outside the stadium while the game is being played.

Will interesting how the media spin this one. unbeaten in qualifying against third and forth tier countries…and then against spain… France and Germany to come

Just seen 18 killed in explosipons and shootings…