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I’ll let someone else tidy up but we have a game to watch!

I’m bored…a load of individuals trying to impress. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Didn’t know the game had started, did Kane have a goal disallowed or something?

Yes…no VAR…it would have stood if there were.

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Half time 0 - 0 dire.

JWP & Foden sem to be playing too far forward almost False #10s.
He seems to be struggling to time his runs and is being forced to be a Redmond around the box not dictating play outside it.

Odd tactics imho Sancho/Sterling are often behind both of them

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Correct. He’s playing at the back.

He’s making all his usual space to receive the ball but it always goes across the back and worked down the flanks. So fuckin’ predictable.

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Ings on for Foden

…and Walker off second bookable. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

Well I thought JWP came into it a bit more 2nd half looked more like he felt he belonged there, took some corners, covered a lot more ground than Foden
Think Ings has touched it twice so far #noservice

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It’s like he didn’t realise he was already on a yellow. Poor challenge, gave the ref no option at all. Pretty shit for such an experienced player, tbh.


Oh no cannot watch who is gonna take it?

Sterling! 1-0 90 minutes gone Iceland down to 10


0 - 1 and that’s an in depth report…

Stop press Iceland penalty…

WTF Penalty Iceland!


Big let off.

:lou_facepalm_2: :rofl: :rofl: