Interesting 'analysis' of Juan Migel Jimenez Lopez (Juanmi)

A hyperbolic piece on Janmi here.

Got me excited with talk of incredible pace and David Silva-like auras. The conclusion is that the ‘black box’* has found another gem.

An extract…

Freshsaints wrote:

Juanmi is a technically gifted player and just the sight of the ball at his feet is enough to understand why Koeman sees him as an asset for the squad. Importantly for Southampton, he has a silky deft touch when gliding with the ball. One too many times last season Koeman’s men needed that neat touch, close control and innate intuition to unlock the defence. Juanmi is that key to the door.

What better therefore to compliment that Spanish flair than with the bonus of Juanmi’s pace. His most famous goal to date being the perfect illustration of his blistering speed. That game winning goal against Barcelona last season saw Juanmi pinch the ball, slip past Dani Alves and then accelerate clean through on goal, leaving Jordi Alba for dead. I repeat… Dani Alves and Jordi Alba.

This is the goal in question.

Personally I’m not sure that given the starting positions and wrong-footedness of Alves and Alba you can reach too much of a conclusion. But nicely done.

It’s got tingling to see what he can do for us this year.