:engerland: Ings in

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You watch.
Callum Wilson will remember how to score goals now…
Actually he may need to remember how to shoot 1st

Excellent news and not undeserved.

Let’s hope he continues his run of form so the press can’t pick Chinny Kane when the ungainly cunt “returns from injury”.

Fuck sake, he’s going to get tapped up by the Liverpool lads now…

I can’t see it. First because they seem to have the team Klopp wants and I would expect to see only minor adjustments each season.

Second, they can shop in a different market than Southampton FC.

Finally, if he’s fit and in form, he gets a game here every fixture. He may well feel he has unfinished business there, but he’ll be the main man here.

He’s the King of the Scummers. His reign will be long and prosperous.


Nice article about him on BBC

Healthy, happy and home: How Danny Ings got his groove back - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51021434


This came up on YouTube yesterday.

£120m would be about right :wink:

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Guys, guys, my comment was rather tongue in cheek…

The Stars are aligning…

Not Ings, but…

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