India V England 2nd Test

India V England 2nd Test


2nd Test starts this morning in Visakhapatnam,

Anderson is probably in the line up but what he will get from this pitch is debatable

Can our spinners hold it together and we come up with a win


An early breakthrough

India in bat


Vijay and Rahul both caught by Stokes.


Apologies to Anderson he got Vijay


20 overs gone India 79 -2


25 overs in and the Extra’s are still on a duck nearly controlled bowling from England.


India 92 - 2 at lunch

Not a bad mornings display from England but could have been a bit tighter with the bowling.


Pujara and Kohli are forging ahead both in mid 70’s and looking like both getting centuries.


India 203-2 after 54 overs


Dog stops play in time for tea 4 balls short of the regulation finish

It had more nous than the England bowlers on how to stop the Indians


Not only that it shat on the pitch in a display of what he thought of the game so far


Pujara and Kohli both get centuries


Anderson gets Pujara who goes on 119


India 255-3


I enjoyed the dog. He was good value.


and that is the 300 up for the indians


Anderson takes another wicket

India 316-4

Anderson 3 for lots but obviously the best bowler we have in the field at the present time.


Close of play India 317 - 4

And tomorrow is another day


Day 2 begins and the Indians start as they finished last night

4 overs in 17 runs added

India 334-4


England are going for a draw they have set the field to allow the Indians to get as many runs as possible, then hope to try and emulate that in their first innings, not allowing enough time for the game to be completed.


Kohli has gone for 167 caught Stokes bowled Moeen