:seven: In a quandary about Long


That game after seeing Long, I believe he could have a place in the team coming on, he shapes the ball very well and looks up before he passes which is quite rare, his passes across the pitch are pretty accurate so I think when formation dictates he could sit in wide and slide the ball across as he did today to people running onto the ball.
This could play well for Sims as I loved his desire today to run and receive as oppose to wait for the ball, there could be a formation where it’ll be a basic counter attacking side and one I think it could have merit as sure as shit we don’t have striker’s.



He is Long past it now.

He came on got injured again

Between him Austin and Ings the strike force spend more time in the injury room than the medical team.

We will need replacements for all three for next season if we stay up or go down.

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I certainly don’t deny that, I mean for this season, we need to scrape by, even our tight as fuck board surely have to see we’re at the bare bones?



I think you are ‘longing’ for days gone by…



A glorious evening good sir. I was right there, up there with the best celebration I’ve ever had I think, was a belter.

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Right bedtime, goodnight all.



Being repetitive & dull, our central 3 of PEH Romeu & JWP should always start away games, with Redz & Chazza up front. Chaz can hold up the ball better than long.
At home that 2nd half front 3 is perfectly balanced with pace allowing us to press so much better. It then becomes the choice between pace of Sims and guile of Armstrong - against bus parking teams I’d always go Armstrong, against teams who will try and attack & give us space, always Sims. In that 3, Long is perfect