⚠ IMPORTANT: Changes to the way email works

tl;dr please use this thread to flag any problems or issues you may have with the emails you get from noreply@www.sotonians.com.

What’s happened and why have things changed?

We’ve changed the supplier we use to send emails from the sotonians forum.

We had been using a free service but it was made chargeable so I’ve moved us to a ‘free-ish’ service.

Why do we need to send emails?

It’s a pre-requisite of the Discourse software that we use.

It must be able to send emails to the members so that a) you can be kept informed when not around and b) you can do admin stuff like reset a password or leave the forum.

What changes might we see?

You may see lots of emails going into SPAM from now on. They will come from the email address noreply@www.sotonians.com.

This is the same email address we’ve always sent from but because the fingerprint of the email (the servers and complex tech configuration) has changed, your email provider may smell a rat that isn’t there.

To your email provider our new emails may look like someone is pretending to be sotonians and therefore our emails may be incorrectly marked as SPAM.

What should you do if you start seeing SPAM from sotonians?

Use your email software to mark an email from noreply@www.sotonians.com as not SPAM. It should then start to process emails from noreply@www.sotonians.com as non-SPAM in future.


I’ll speak to my boys in Cheltenham to sort mine, cheers.


What would the Chinese say :slight_smile:

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Does this mean you actually expect me to read these emails now then?

Lol. Good heavens no.

Just let me know if you get any problems.

BTW you can control the type and quantity of emails that you receive in your profile settings.

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Are these emails sent via a Huawei Router?
Dont want Uncle Sam checking our posts…

No they will get a jolly good Putin scrutin.