I'm Alright Jack

Stephens stepped into the first team with consumate ease last season and by all accounts was excellent against Sevilla yesterday.

With the Dutch bloke acting the proper twat it looks like Jack will be one of the first names on the team sheet this season.

How long before he’s linked with Liverpool do we reckon?

And nice trolling of fiver web here :lou_wink_2::



I do believe that I posted Jack will become an England International long before you lot jumped on my bandwagon…


Like all our youngsters, it has taken a long time for him to be ready. It also explains some of the logic in the way we “messed around” in signing a CB this summer.

Bedarnek & Gardos & Jones were intended to be on the same development journey, Jack just got there (by necessity) a year early.

It’s the Southampton Way.

Now, perhaps during the course of this season we will startto see some numpty fans understand that JWP and others will also become class players.


It’s well know I had a bandwagon before most of you lot were born. :lou_angry:


Bloody hell, they had cameras back then as well


@lifeintheslowlane ,was that the 5 or 6 horsepower version you had then?

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One donkey power…


I thought your wagon was “banned”.


I would like it to be heard from on high :astonished:

that did i not only know that Jack Stephens was going to be a top class player…throughout junior and senior school in Plymouth :laughing:

When his father stated the Mrs was expecting a boy…I could tell he was going to play for the mighty Saints one day and become a seriously top class footballer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, we all heard what you did to Mrs Stephens…


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Mrs Gallagher is more my sort :wink:

Liam’s mrs?

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Noels :cool:

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Actually I was dreaming of Kirsty Gallagher :laughing:

I must take down her photo from my bedroom wall…my missus is getting suspicious…susp… how do you spell sus? :blush: