I'm a Princess

I dont want to post on Coxford_Lous thread about disgusting men anymore because she doesn’t want to post on my serious thread about bum wiping or paps serious thread about the Russians. So this is my thread where I get to be the Princess. Don’t expect much posting from me though, I’m trying to preserve my points per post score.

Real or pretend, have you done the pea challenge?

When you say Princess, do you mean like i.e chapel kate?

Bearsy, do you have the horn for Chaple Katie? That matronly, nanny like strong women…I suspect you do.

I can combine both, I’ve met women in my time who think they’re princesses who love anal, rimming and atm.


i am a bit obsess with chapel kate tbf but i wasn’t really picturing her all head-mistressy, I’ve got her all pale & frightened & rapunzel, rapunzel, let down ur swear

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What do I do jam it in with a urethral sound or something? Stop asking me questions. Preserving PPP ratio (not peas per penis).


Stickywhitedovepiss is currently my favourite poster!

Not saying much if you dont like most posters though, given your earlier thread :lou_surprised:

the Young Ones were bottom in the whole world. SWDP may as well be Neil: “I came top out of us!”


What’s atm, Baz? Like a cash machine? :lou_surprised:

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I think it’s where she shoves a dildo up Bazza’s arse.

She was only into it because he requested it (allegedly).

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Well you take out and put in yes.


Well, tbf, it was probably Sticky’s turn.



Here you go Lou, and only because you requested, link redacted to protect the innocent


Your such a gentleman Bob, your chivalry never ceases to amaze me.

Strange your not more popular :lou_lol:


I loved that Movie.

Kingsmen wasn’t it?

After you save the world you can have me in the ass - best line in a Hollywood movie ever!