:nhs: If we value the NHS why don't we fully pay the correct

:nhs: If we value the NHS why don't we fully pay the correct


Just the 42K nurses short:


It was 26K a couple of years ago.

Literally is life and death the government are playing with.


And Brexit voters, obviously:


Ouch and very worrying.

The article says the roles are being filled by temporary staff causing them to go overbudget on that area of spending. So the staff are there they just aren’t employed full time by the NHS. Surely someone needs to look in to why that is…money? conditions?


Probably a mix of both.

European Labour has allowed wages to be lower than what is probably the market rate (hence the fall in Supply). However, because of the sudden loss of a number of nurses, and less coming in via the overseas channels due to the fall in exchange rate, this is left with a shortfall in both fall time nurses (let’s say 9%) and in wages for people wanting to do the job.

If wages were to increase by say £5k per year, you are looking at an additional £2.5b to cover the shortfall and current nurses working.

Whatever way you look at this, it’s an issue, as no idea where that money can come from at the moment.

Agency nurses are also easier to employ due to the way contractors are dealt with on balance sheets.


OK, according to the article you linked :-

There are now 35,115 EEA nurses and midwives on the NMC register, who together make up 5.1% of the 690,278 staff known to the regulator.

Would that 5% really affect medical staff wages that much?


It’s not just European labour though, it’s any overseas labour - with the exchange rate falling it is a much less enticing proposal for anyone coming in from overseas.

Those figures are odd, as I was working on 287k as the number of nurses working for the NHS, so there is obviously a disparency between the different figures quoted by different organisations.

According to Nursing.com, 357,000 nurses in NHS in UK, 26,000 are Non EU, 20,000 are EU, which is 14% of the staff. Doesn’t sound a lot, but in theory if that is surpressing wages by 14%, that’s £3k (obviously that’s not exactly how it works, but an interesting comparison).


Worth bearing in mind that some full time nhs staff plug those gaps. For example if cardiac are desperate for more staff Mrs G would be offered an agency shift on overtime to cover it.


Also worth considering that 11.8% nurse shortage is an average. Some wards have only half the number of nurses required.


Plenty of staff here. Look at 'em all just standing around.


Brexit will solve this - repeal the working time directive and make the junior doctors work 80 hours a week again. immediate doubling of manpower on the front line, half the waiting list, everybody happy (except the junior doctors, but shit, they can look forward to charging insurance companies a fuck ton to do their day job when they become consultants)




Wow! Well this is out of the blue! Who could possibly have deduced that this plan was in the offing? Cunts.


Jeez @Goatboy you are well out of the loop




The consequences of allowing services to be outsourced?


It’s being underfunded and run down. It doesn’t really fit in with the post Brexit ideology of market doninance and lack of any regulation. Also, those US health companies need to expand.