If I were a carpenter...or at least Mark Hughes

Right. Clearly we are staring down the barrel of potentially another shite season unless…

You get to play the role of Mark Hughes and pick our best line up AT THE MOMENT, considering strops, form and willingness to play for the shirt. It is fairly clear to me that there are a few in the squad just picking up a paycheck and not turning up for the match. Hopefully, someone at the club will read this thread and do so with it what they may…

Player wise, I would make Bertrand train with the U23’s until he thought he could give an ass. On the two occasions I have watched him in the tunnel, Mc Car Thief has attempted to motivate him, only for the Rand to snigger and give him a “get fucked” look. Problem is, he thinks no one notices these types of things but the whole world is watching. I’d probably give Targett first pop and then The Queen if that doesn’t work.

Manolo needs to start with Ings if we are going with two up front. Reckon that would be killa partnership. Love Chaz but after his performances in the first two matches, form. I’d even be tempted to start Long wide right.

ELO needs to start (if fit) but Redmond has been (as most people have stated) less shite this season so at least his attitude is in the right place.

Pierre has to be given a start soon. I’d hook Lemons due to form. JWP needs to start adding to his fine all time subs appearance record in the EPL and warm the pine. Unfortunately, we had loaned out most of our options for the center of the park. This will come back to bite us I feel.

Cedric looks at least he GAFs, though he was born too short for this caper.

Hoedt, well, we all have our thoughts about him. He does seem to care but lacks something that will make him a top line defender IN THIS LEAGUE. Stephens needs to go to anger management so we may need Yoshi and the Big Man to shore up the back.

Ings and Armstrong have been the ones I have been most impressed with (Ings apart from not scoring a hat trick at the weekend and Armstrong for not being on the pitch early enough - get in Hughes’ ear son). Both look hungry with a point to prove unsurprisingly.

So my first team looks like:

Mc Car Thief

Cedders / Yoshi / Big Man / Target

Long / Romeu / Pierre / ELO or Redders


Ings (or Ings / Manolo if playing two up top)

Sorry for long post but rant over