If Hughes is saying we're playing ok but not getting the

If Hughes is saying we're playing ok but not getting the


rub of the green, what the fuck will it be like when we’re going through a sticky patch and playing shit?




is there a nap on a football pitch?


Quite possibly.


Well the defence always looks asleep…



Puel was a good manager in the French league but couldn’t do it for us.

The reason we have probably identified him is because we share similarities with Monaco in so far as they consistently sell their best players (PSG are their Liverpool). But like us, they have also plummeted down the league.

The more I think about it, the more I am starting to believe that we need a manager with defined style of play and identity that will emphasise high energy and fitness. Making our players better athletes to compensate for individual and collective deficiencies. So basically another Pochettino. Easier said than done of course. At the moment we are just a young anonymously vanilla 4-4-2 side who cannot do the basics and last 90 minutes.

Also, for once, how about identifying your number one choice regardless of whether he is currently in a job or not. We always recruit the unemployed from the job centre.

This is all academic because if we don’t start winning some games soon we will be the first club to pick up the phone to Sam Allardyce.


We need a Bielsa Disciple and we need our squad fit enough again to cope with the demands of modern football.
And we need some bloody pace in the side.
Not necessarily a new manager. And ffs a rumour about some other manager with no English League experience.
Great. 3 months learning curve again


Yeah I agree. I’m not advocating chopping Hughes, I’m fed up of the constant upheaval and if 3 managers have failed with the core of this squad then the correlation suggests it is the players that are the problem.

In the summer I was banging on about us going for pace out wide and was surprised that the Promes deal never materialised considering how close we were to the deal in January. We’d clearly identified the need for a pacy goal scoring winger when targeting Promes and Walcott but then seemingly ditched the idea when Hughes arrived as he favoured a 3-5-2 system that didn’t really deploy wingers. Well that plan went tits up about 3 games in to the season when we reverted to a back four and now we play with two wingers. With no back up wide men on the bench as they are all out on loan :man_facepalming:t3:

And here we are again bemoaning a lack of pace in the side.

Oh well, maybe today is the day when it all clicks and we turn things around… (he says in hope rather than expectation)


I think its too late and we’re gone, the players are good enough to keep us up buy there’re not arsed, they’re good enough to get positive moves in the Premiership.
The board and I can’t include Gao but the board that sold him this shite are to blame, take in chancer Reed and Kruegar and you knwo we’re fucked.