I was only reading about her last week

and applauding her bravery, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-36814258

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“Honour” killings are anything but. I suspect though that her brother will not be prosecuted if caught. This shows the medieval / barbaric side of some parts of Pakastani society. There’s no place for it in the 21st century.

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What happens now is religion defenders abstain from any resposibility and say this a cultural issue and not a religious one, the two are inextricably linked in situations like this, Bangladesh killing homosexuals who dare speak out, we need to shine a light on this in this Country as well and bollocks to sensibilities, we have a duty to.

Her brother probably will be prosecuted as this is very high profile, but the way the law works in Pakistan is the family can “forgive” the murderer for these sorts of crimes. Whether her father will be inclined to do so I don’t know. I was surprised about this, She seemed to come from quite a wealthy background so would have thought her family were more liberal than most Pakistanis.

nothing to do with religion, everything to do with culture and tradition. Completely different things as seen by the fact that “honour killings” occur across religions in that part of the world.

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They do and that’s undeniable, they are intertwined in parts of the World whether they are in doctrine or not, they have become so, like a village elder has sway when legally he has none, tribal thoughts remain even in developing places. This will occur more often with the rise of technology as well, its not going away.

Britiain turns its back on cases like this as well for fear of upsetting people, we’re gulity of it as well. Arranged marriage, dowry, FGM, honour killings, shine a light on it all I say and let the courts deal with it.