I have been saying this for years

I have been saying this for years


Much cheaper tickets for kids in the locality as well. The average age is about 42 now, that can’t help the atmosphere, coupled with our fans who’d rather a bovril than a singsong…


A singsong? Something like ‘Roll out the barrel’ or ‘Knees up mother Brown’?


Certainly feels like it


If they could rearrange the stadium a bit and give us a singing end and stick the away support in a corner that would also meet with my approval.


Good to know that when I attend I bring the average age down :lou_smiley:



Ageist fuckers…I’ve always sung at games, even in the Chapel End. :lou_angry:


Why sing Cockney songs? We could sing classic Sotonian numbers like

“Washing my car on a Sunday”

”Can an extra half a mild in as it’s a Friday night Betty”


Come on Barry you can do better than that

we could have the Benny Hill theme tune and some Tommy Cooper stuff both Sotonians or as close as you could get.


in a cage so the bottles cant come over the fence


OK Barry, why would safe standing “improve the atmosphere”?

Surely better football on the pitch would do that as well?

BTW< I’m not against safe standing I just don’t get the improve the atmosphere point!


Best put in a spit guard as well so the away fans don’t get covered in slobber from us ‘tutting’ our mild disapproval at their unsporting behaviour eh Baz? Also cup holders built in to the new terraces for my extra large Bovril please.


Ah I wondered who that was back at the scousehampton game.


Yeah I saw you leaving early…I was the one who bounced the beer can off the back of your head. :lou_lol:


West Brom’s safe standing proposal rejected by the government


Let’s have a bit of Vera Lynn. Get the songsheets put on seats before the game.


Heated, padded seats would be nice and waiter service for half time beer & pies.


They could do with a decent wine list


There aren’t many on here actually saying the atmosphere is great, so from that I’ll take it is shite?


The atmosphere is fine, for a given value of fine, it would just be improved by the small things listed above Baz.


You’ve been saying everything for years. @barry-sanchez :lou_sunglasses: