🍻 :norwichcityfc: I don't know where I am Nor Wich pub to go to

Let’s not Farke about are we having beers/drinks pre/post Norwich??

If so what time and where?

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I suggest you make it Pre. After the match you will be too busy dancing in the streets :grin:


First things first - I must congratulate you on the splendid thread title.

Second things next - how about the Rockstone? Good a place as any I’d say - I would have suggested the Stable but it’s only gone and closed.

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Why I thank thee kind sirrah, you have not forgotten the face of your father.

Sounds good to me, we can partake of their splendid beers and tapas again

Had the horse bolted before they closed the door?

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Sadly there’s Norfolk in chance I can make this game. Boom, Boom


So how about 6pm?

Sounds like a plan :+1:

I’m here, to the left of the bar…

Are you holding a red rose?

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I gave him something better to hold.