I blame Les Reed

I blame Les Reed


I’ve previously been a supporter of Les Reed, but as the fella who is largely responsible for appointing the manager, making signings and overseeing the club’s overall strategy, I hold him responsible for what I now fear is almost certainly our inevitable relegation.

Can anyone tell me why I’m wrong to think this way?


I blame Matt Le Tiss. If he had embraced Cortese we’d be champions league by now :lou_sunglasses:


His inaction has cost us by not doing his job but in turn so has Kruegar not done his by making sure Reed does his, they’re both yes men chancers, fucking useless.


I think “Yes Men” are a much maligned breed…they exhibit that superb “Can Do” attitude and I won’t hear a word against them.


This jogs a certain memory.

I seem to remember MLT being involved in that disastrous Unwin/Fialka takeover. That’ll be the one where a complete chancer trolled TSW and managed to convince Leon Crouch to hand over £500k exclusivity fees, while the world and MLT prepared for the incoming Micky Falkia, erstwhile of his mum’s spare room.

Yeah, no wonder MLT never got behind the buyout team that made him look a prize cock. He should have realised that if Cortese and co had not arrived, he’d look like an even bigger one now.


To be honest this is a fair sentiment.

Going back to November, there were no suitable candidates WITH EPL experience available that would want to come to our types of clubs. But he does have to go now


This also equates to Puel out does not mean Pellegrino in, the clappers don’t see that, they see a bad sacking and a bad appointment yet any level headed person would see it as two bad appointments.


I have just found out that Les Reed’s full name is Leslie Reed.

In the classic world of first generation accent fun, this would be pronounced Res-ree Leed in most 70s takes on Chinese accents.

I’m still not sure whether this is racist or merely funny. I’m keeping a close eye on Fisher Stevens. If he gets nicked for his performances in the Short Circuit films, I’m heading for the hills.


To refer to Reed and Kruger as “yes men” begs an obvious question: who they saying ‘yes’ to? Your depiction suggests that there is some greater force in play, telling Reed and Kruger what to do, a force to which they both willingly acquiesce. So what exactly is this force, and what is it telling them?

Look at the positions of the two men. One is, to all intents and purposes, director of football (I can’t remember what his actual job title is, but Les Reed is an executive director in charge of football matters). The other is the non-executive chairman - should I have put NON in caps there? So he isn’t in charge of things on a day-to-day basis, as he has no executive role. It’s not his job to manage Les Reed, or indeed anyone else. A key problem at present (and I can recall Phil saying much the same) is that the club hasn’t had a CEO since Gareth Rodgers left. You need someone in that position; someone who you may not have heard of, and who you very rarely (if ever) hear from.

Back to Les Reed. Yes, he has to be accountable for our current predicament - that’s all part of the territory. But to suggest that he’s totally useless, always has been, etc. etc., is utter drivel. If he’s to blame for where we are now then he can also be credited with what happened prior to that. You can’t have it both ways.


Why did he leave and who is doing his job?

Yes men? Of course they’re in league with the owners by virtue of still being there so they agree with the regime so of course they’re yes men, they’re in the employ of the owners! Where is Les by the way? He likes to dish it out about policy when its rosy, you judge a man when the shit hits the fan not when its sweet.


I honestly think they got lucky hiring Pochettino and Koeman and their signings, I say luck now as their following two management signings have been shite, chancers, Charlton have never forgotten him, we have our own Les “Charlton” Reed in Pellegrino…



Gareth Rodgers left the club.

No official reason was given and no doubt he had an NDA

He has not been replaced.

Directors report to a Board. But who are they? Ralph & Kat aren’.t executives…

Some fans speculate that you have a bunch of department heads with no boss (decision maker) it is a possible explanation.

And is strange unless some other corporate level issues exist that have caused paralysis.

Just saying that corporate paralysis could be a factor without speculating on how that could occur. I’ sure there are Saints fans in the world who are corporate lawyers who could give examples of situations where that could occur.

Law and logic are not good bedfellows


Corporate paralysis a well known disease that kills good ethics

Nobody does anything in case it goes wrong or they upset somebody in a higher paygrade.


In classic TSW manner.

Make of this what you will* (Lander Sports Financials from Wall Street Journal)


*Translation: I have no idea what this or the data in the link means

Oddly I am surprised we never looked at this before.

Because my lack of understanding of things financial still makes me see something when you look at the Cash Flow trend in 2017 and where it was the last time results were published (September)

Anyone else see anything?


Hence why Reed hasn’t done his job and sacked Pellegrino and neither has Kruegar by telling Reed to do his job, if Reed is therefore then prepared to keep him (obviously) in this new transparent era of dialogue (Kruegar) Reed should feel obliged to tell the fans why when he is our worst manager in history, that is right, proper and fair. Hold on Southampton’s board being that? Talking shite again…


Yeah, the bit about being over a billion in liabilities.

What currency is that?