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:books: I am currently reading


See you have used 3 items when all we needed in the 70’s and 80’swas a few silk scarfs and Bobs your uncle

plus they pack lighter :lou_lol:


This is an experiment to see if this works.


Over 6 months in and only 48 books read? Need to pick up speed a bit


Leave him alone, @tigger .

He @redslo


Sorry sir :lou_sad:


Arrived Cape Verde - all booked in. Am currently reading the cocktail menu…

Didn’t realise it is all inclusive so will be making a concerted effort to reduce the resorts’ profits



I’ve been reading the biog “Richard The Third” by Paul Murray Kendall since the beginning of the year…I’m nearly half-way through. Gripping stuff…I can hardly pick it up. :lou_lol:


I’m reading Death comes to Pemberly by PD James. This uses Pride and Prejudice as a base for the story. Never read any Austen and not seen any of the films. Hoping it will get more interesting now the murder has happened and the suspense will start. Read a lot of PD James as a teenager and remembered enjoying them.


Might reduce the reading as well.


I am also reading a fantastic book, well study text called A Level Politics! interesting stuff! Need Eddie to balance it out!


My favourite book of all time is called Nobody’s Fool. It is written by Richard Russo. It is book from i.e prob 20 years ago. It is v.funny book. I dunno if it is definitely my Best Book, but I always say it is, cos you like to have a Favourite Book that other people might not have read, and it is not a mega famous book. It’s not even Russo’s most famous book, but it is the one I like best.

I heard while back he had recently written a sequel, called Everybody’s Fool. I have been looking for it ever since. Because it was a special event for me, I don’t like to just order it on Amazon, or download on Kindle. I want to buy it in a Shop. So every time I have passed a book shop in the past 6 months, I have gone inside to see if they have it. They never do :lou_sad:

I can’t tell you how many book shops I have been to. Fkn hundreds. But weekend I was in Dublin and I went in book shop and found it immediately! I was so pumped! I done whole Irish Celebration Dance and Everything! I started in on it asap. I’m bout halfway through. It’s not v.good.


As discussed with papster last weekend, I am currently reading The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan.

Coming to the end now and it’s a fine read. Can’t remember the last time I read and enjoyed non-fiction so much.

If you fancy an enjoyable account of over 2000 years of social, political and cultural history, exploring the rise and fall of empires, packed full with fascinating trivia and centred unashamedly on the importance of ‘the east’ as opposed to the Western Euro- centric history we are taught in school, then I recommend.


I think the Goat’s account has been hacked by Jacob Rees-Mogg or Portillo.


Back to The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing and old copies of Skin Two next week.


I am currently reading ‘Sleep-Wanking And It’s Role In The Fall Of The British Empire’ by Baron Sanchez. Fascinating and unputdownable…


I am reading Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates. The Telegraph said it was “a pioneering analysis of modern-day misogny”. Which I can’t better in words.

It’s a good read for anyone who has a daughter, female partner, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother - I think you get the picture. There are stories from woman tsken from the Everday sexism website. Some pretty horrific stories.

I may write more in the feminism thread once I’ve finished that one and her 2nd book.


I’ve also got this on the go at the moment. It’s good. Tiny font is fucking killing me though.


Not being one to slavishly follow fads I’ve given a big swerve to anything to do with GoT on the telly box.

Teenage Mutant insisted I at least try the first book which I did. Am currently on book 3 A Storm Of Swords. Great literature it ain’t but the bite size chapters keep the interest and the wide scope of the narrative is impressive.

Am also reading The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan - as recommended by Goat here on Sotonians - a very good read.


“Weapons of Math Destruction” by Cathy O’Neil. It’s pretty scary. How your data is increasingly important as a commodity and it’s misuse. Written by a data scientist and number theorist from Harvard it’s really eye-opening how social media sites and others collects data and then monetise it. The complete lack of morality is placed at the people who write the algorithms.