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Hey Pap, have you ever questioned why you might be interested in conspiracy theories? :slight_smile:

Don’t really like the term. Again, it’s a question of ownership. The mainstream media gets to decide what goes in there, so contested events get lumped into the same buyer beware basket.

That Guardian article is a decent example of what I mean. They got the lizards, mental disorders and spooky cult like behaviour in.


Any more on “Brave New World”?


I really enjoyed it Burp. Very clever and still very ‘current’.

My reaction to it is similar to the reaction I had to 1984 - I was struck at how now-aware the author was.

Often, it’s not until long after a period of history that we are able to stand back from the day-to-day goings on to get a perspective of the time.

Think about it now, how would you create a satire on a meme or movement you currently see; such that you could frame it in a dystopian world and not have people look back on your work in 70 years time and think it naiive or that passing time had meant they couldn’t relate to the very subject?

I know this is difficult because I’m a big fan of Will Self’s writings (not just books). He tries this all the time with mixed results - to take a thing that he sees as absurd in modern life and then blow it out of proportion to expose the absurdity at greater magnification.

But in 1984 and Brave New World (and Animal Farm for that matter), the absurdity that is exposed is still valid and directly relatable to our modern lives.

I don’t know much about Huxley and others on here have said that he was a proponent of eugenics, but interestingly I got the complete opposite sense having read the book. He seemed to be showing the folly of accelerated development, but it is clear that he knew his stuff - WRT reproduction.

Perhaps he cast Marx as an anti-hero because he didn’t see him as the hero in the piece? I’d like to think not.


Holidays are great for reading, aren’t they?

I ploughed through:

To Kill a Mockingbird (never read it before).

How to Build a Girl - Caitlin Moran (a novel sort of based on her life)

Animal: The biography of a female body - Sara Pascoe

The Psycopath test - Jon Ronson (don’t think I am one).

So you’ve been publicly shamed - Jon Ronson (pretty interesting re how some people are really taken down via the internet and shamed but others nothing happens to them).

And most of the way through

Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse: And Other Lessons from Modern Life - David Mitchell. Some of his articles he’s written.

Just another 130 books odd on my kindle to go through plus 2 bookshelves of real ones. Although some of them are for work. Must not buy anymore.


I’m reading:

Hythe A Waterside Village by Graham Parkes

Actually I’m skimming as there seems to be too much info to make a totally coherent flowing narrative. That being said, you can tell Graham has worked hard to make sense of a shed load of historical info.

There was little on the significant changes to the village post-war to the present which was a shame. There’s another book right there.


The man behind the goal by Brian Glanville.

Pretty good. Love to read these football books and the ways that people see football. Interesting stuff.


Not reading but listening to, as this wouldn’t be the same reading it, needs all the special inflections and pronounciacionnns :lou_smiley:


A Boy Made of Blocks.

Bloke wrestling with his life in the context of a job he hates, a wife who has kicked him out and an autistic son with whom he has no relationship.

Only just started, but the denouement will probably see him at home, in a different job, having bonded with his son, and all down to the game Minecraft.

I work with kids on the autistic spectrum so I’m finding it fascinating, but I’m sure others would enjoy it too.


Eddie Izzard

Believe Me - a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens.

Now this is writen by him, not be a writer and you can tell, as it reads like he talks. “Yes and there were ice pops, and milky coffee, oh and sweets lots of sugar, or maybe I made one of those up, no, no I think I am right” Thank kind of thing.

But even though different writing style, I have a lot of respect and time for this person, a truly unique person. Worth the read so far.




But he’s a poor mans Grayson Perry, who is a knob tbf.



Personal taste, I suppose, but prefer Eddie, but I have always like him. Also enjoying the style of the way he has written the book. You can tell it is him.


Have a pile of books in the suitcase for the holibobs tomorrow.

6.5hrs flight to Cape Verde. Will post assuming the promise of WI-FI materialises. Layers :lou_lol:


Layers = Laters

Damn you autocorrect!!


Have a safe trip and a good time :lou_wink:


I want to see you in a photo with The Totton Pele or his immediate family.


Have a great time CS. Have heard good reports of Cape Verde.

Apart from the awful food, gangs of armed robbers maruading along the beaches and hotel owners sneaking in at night to take pictures of you when you’re drugged and naked.


Cheers @goatboy

Cable ties, tarpaulin and Gaffer tape all packed.