Hull City Away Build Up and Match Thread

Hull City Away Build Up and Match Thread


Thought I’d better start this one to keep up the SITF 100% Match Thread success rate.




Not an awful lot to say about Hull other than when you look at their teamsheet it looks very much like a Championship-level side. Sometimes such teams can bully you with strength, organisation and a little help from a chewed-up northern pitch in Autumn but with VVD, Fonte, Romeu, Hojbjerg, Austin and so on we’ve got a team perfectly capable of handling themselves, and Hull look fairly lightweight themsleves to boot.

No real reason we shouldn’t stroll to a win.


I believe this is where it all comes together and we tonk the Tigers about 6 nil


On paper… but we could be undone by the deflation following last nights result + fatigue and under estimation of a side do have some battling qualities so I am torn. In the end I needed to check out what Lawro was saying and he reckons 1-1… Thankfully, believe Nicole has plumped for 1-3 Sants and she has always seemed like a nice girl (time spent with that twat Hamilton not withstanding…)


Good man @SITF, my doubt on your previous thread has proven to be unfounded!


Dodgy Back pass Sweepstake - 27 minutes

  • 27 mins so in the warm up then?


Dodgy backpass second half 10 mins in


Like this thought. Had money on it?


Upvoted for the Highway to Hull tag.

AC/DC. Puns. What’s not to like?


I think we will win this game srs. We are more better than Hull.


I’m going to this - first away game since 2012 (Millwall 1-1 in FA cup. Luke Shaw made his debut )

We’ve just beaten Inter Milan and have been going well in league and cup. They’ve lost six on the bounce and are without some of their best players. The fans are at odds with the owners. They expect to lose this game. We should win. But nothing in Saintsland is guaranteed. I can hear the sound of the football gods sniggering*

* Can’t really. Literary license


Probably because you partook of too much of the freebies at the Stable last night!!

But seriously this is one of these


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I believe this is where it all comes together and we tonk the Tigers about 6 nil

Like this thought. Had money on it?

odds of 7 to 1 on betfair so i stuck 19 quid on it

Why the odd number you say?

well the laptop keyboard is still broke and a few of the keys do bugger all and that includes the zero, p and enter key.


Jeez, what happened to just one game a week?

I’m starting to get as worn out as the players, but I can’t rotate myself…


I’m going for Hull 0:2 Saints


Morning Phil


You can, but it’s very uncomfortable. Painful even. Actually, it’s excruciating*

* At least so I’m told.**

** By Bletch.***

*** Obviously.


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Morning Phil

Evening Cob should be very early morning Cob


It is now mate…hic!



Going for a few drinks tomorrow just because I can. Can anyone recommend any boozers in Southampton likely to show the match? Cheers in advance.