Hughes gone, had to go after today

Hughes gone, had to go after today


would have been the same for Pellegrino as well.


CHDAJFU ??? :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Hi Baz

Had a great day beating Fulham and meeting the Sotonians away day massive.

Game could have been better but we won



The heartless bastards,

Didn’t even wait until the morning.

Never really been impressed with him as a manager.


He has a really strangled speech pattern, it stresses me out. Like he’s struggling for breath at times, might be his North Wales accent though. Always remember his goal at the Dell which rebounded off the ad boards and never stood.


Les Reeds next statement to MP

Who’s gone, Hughes gone, Use gone.


Many of our fiverweb experts were annoyed we didn’ sign Wimmer & Berahino…

Mark Hughes: Stoke City sack manager after poor run -


I don’t know what that means :lou_sad:


could he do a job for us hth


I don’t know what that means :lou_sad:


And nobody upvotes my Whos

bloody palastinians


Ooops Philistines

may be the same thing I dont really know


So why is the Presdent of China in Palestine?


No Who is the president of china


Why he is in the Middle East is because hw wants oil


Its late here and I have had half a bottle of home made berry gin :lou_is_a_flirt: