:tories: HSBC and The Conservative Party

I’m sure this will be all over the BBC, eclipsing Diane Abbotts faux pas, :lou_wink_2: but I’ll pop it here anyway:

Gideon bats for the bank

I wonder why?



I suspect nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens when things like this come to light…

Interested to see which media outlets take up the story.

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Don’t think The Telegraph will be covering it:

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I won’t be banking on it being splashed all over the BBC.

Goat will you lay the fuck off HSBC - they have my money. Ta.

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£500k for two NED roles - who said part time work doesn’t pay


Isn’t this just the standard blatant corruption that we now regard as acceptable?

Former cabinet ministers getting huge salaries from companies they have awarded lucrative contracts to, MPs’ companies being given government funding without proper tendering, and corporate ‘friends’ of government dodging uncomfortable questions about their business practice, and sometimes even dodging prosecution for sex offences.

Sadly the voters are more interested in Bake Off and Strictly than being educated about the morals of who they blindly choose to govern them.

In the last few decades the cabinet has on occasions been like a remand centre.


I wonder if Gideon knew the shit was approaching the fan?:

This is the reality now, or it’s become normal. I would say the US are forging the way :astonished:


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Hmm :thinking: