Howard Kendall has died

As per the title - RIP.

Great Everton manager back in the day.


That is very sad news, one of their best managers in the 80’s who brought titles to goodison park, as well as European success. He built some great teams, to include, Southall, Radtciffe, Richardson, speedy, Heath and Sharp and Grey, as well as Seven and Stevens, to name a few? My cousin is devastated by this, a massive Everton fan!

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Sad news.

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Bit sad, remember him well in a press conference at The Dell after Ballie had missed a penalty against Everton.

He was aksed if he felt sorry for his old mate and Kendall replied, ‘yeah it broke my fucking heart!’

He was a terrific player. One of the all time great midfields - Kendall, Ball and Harvey. Won the old Divison One twice I think?

He got a great send off.

Anyone know how he died, nothing has really been said.