How to Upgrade from Vista on PC


I’ve had my HP Touchscreen for a fair while now and everything is fine except that it has Vista Home, and there isn’t a straight forward online way to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

I can no longer use Google Chrome, and only get basic versions of Twitter and FaceBook. On line Banking is a problem as well. Vista is a bit like Skatesmuff - nobody seems to support it anymore!!

I don’t want to have to buy a new computer, so any ideas?

PS I am a complete computer fuckwit - so please keep it simple!!



I thought you worked in the Airport ?

Just get somebody in duty free to get you a new one.

It will be a lot simpler in the end.


But I love this computer and the hassle of trying to move my itunes over to another computer would drive me crazy.

Anyway it’s a matter of principle he says grumpily staring at the camera with his season ticket in his hand type look :wink:

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Buy a mac you nutjob.

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The stuff you’ve bought from Apple shouldn’t be a problem. Get the rest onto a removable, along with any data you want to save.

My advice would be to get a new computer. Vista was the version of Windows _before _Windows 7. Can’t imagine any of the newer versions performing well on that hardware.

If you’re insistent, see if you can get to 7 first, then try going from 7 to 10.


Well it looks like I’m fooked then.

Nothing is built to last in this day and age!!

Thanks for putting me out of misery.

Re my itunes … I haven’t bought anything from Apple, it’s all from my rather large CD collection ;-(

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