How Premier league fans order a pint - ft Saints

Made me smile :slight_smile:

Apologies if posted elsewhere


Posted on here by you 30 secs ago :lou_lol:

4 times :lou_lol:

posted all over FB and Twitter over the weekend.

Jeez it was even up on the Dubai Saints FB page ffs

If it didn’t feature Saints (and in a pretty flattering way at that) then I doubt we’d give a shit.

To be quite honest, the Pogba one was pretty cringe. They needed a hammer and crowbar to get that one in. Shit comedy tbh.

I’m sure the Dr Barry Gale advent calendar will be better quality humour.


God you lot are so miserable this morning…


Time of the month now that Lou lou my sweet is not here

Apologies, computer went a bit odd and reposted a ton - just found it on the ‘this made me smile’ thread.

Still think the Saints bit is funny and that was really the only point in posting for anyone that hadn’t seen it.

Bit rusty as haven’t been about for a while - will take me a few posts to get ‘match fit’

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^ Ahem. Surely I must win an ITK award?

D_P announces the return of Dr Barry Gale 24 hours BEFORE it happens…

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