😃 How do you know if you are happy?

:smiley: How do you know if you are happy?


As the title says how do you know if you are happy.

I appear to be happy because my fingernails have not been bitten or pulled off


Saints have won.


You mostly miserable bastard.


I still have enough Booze in the pad to pickle me every night until we finally move.
I’m happy.


I was unbearable over the New year festivities.


The engine’s running, there is no frost , plenty of cloud cover and cuts to the Police budget are ongoing.




Something between 2 and 4 weeks and I will have this about 800 m away from me

Porters and Ales

Main Stream Brewers

The Wine selection

That is the VILLAGE SUPERMARKET, not even a booze shop


To the OP, I almost never know I’m happy at the time. It’s only when the edited highlights mode kicks in that I am able to make any sense of it.


Alcohol seems to have a close relationship to happiness, looking at this thread. I can confirm this is true, as i’m very happy knowing some more of this
and this

are turning up on Tuesday :blush:
Had to put the rum order on hold, as my daughter done her usual and a single unexpected text cost me £300. Oh well i have enough to last till then.


Tecnically is alcohol then
I shall continue doing what I have for the last 40 years and get drunk then.


If there are more positives than negatives in your life. That, or one is above ground


So you started drinking at 10?

About right for the Waterside tbf.


Thank you for lowering my age by 5 years


We used to get a half of mild shandy at ten TBF


You will be able to tell if I am happy by reviewing the snow forecasts in the French Alps

Huge daily falls in the week leading up to the holiday - chuffed as fuck

Snow falls overnight whilst we are there for daily fresh powder - ecstatic

Rain - :lou_angry:


How do I know I’m happy? If i’m,

Knee deep in booze, arse deep in cash and balls deep in fanny. then i’m generally happy.

I’m a man of simple tastes.