🖥 Home Computer Top Trumps

I so want a set of these…


But then I’d need a friend to play with…I wonder if I could code one?

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What would be THE card to rule them all?

ZX Spectrum easily :rofl:

Full set of cards here…

Aye an imaginary nerdy one…


Source: http://www.8bitkick.cc/home-computers.html

I remember an episode of “Tomorrow’s World” back in the early '70s when they predicted in the future every home would have a personal computer. :astonished:


Oh how we all laughed. :rofl:

No BBC Micro? For shame…

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Yeah, it’s there and it’s a Model B too.

But unless it had ECONET, the Teletext adaptor, the second 6502 processor and the DFS fitted with 5 1/4 inch Cumana drives then It wouldn’t even register as a semi in my high-tech pants.

Here is my assessment based on playground attitudes from back in my computer aware period.

ZX Spectrum 16K
Should have waited.

ZX Spectrum 48K
A rubbery keyboard. Third party tape desks. Crap joystick support. Nice resolution. Few colours. Forget using colours properly.

ZX Spectrum 48K+
Better keyboard. All of the above pros and cons otherwise.

ZX Spectrum 128
Backward compatible with 48K games. 128Kb ram. Very few games used it, and still had all the limitations colour and sound wise of the base hardware.

Sinclair QL
One of the reasons Clive Sinclair had to fold the company. Expensive, business oriented flop.

ZX Spectrum 128+2
As above with integrated tape deck, but finally supporting standard 9-pin joysticks out of the box. Alan Sugar’s first effort.

ZX Spectrum 128+3
Alan Sugar on his road to madness, the machine now shipping with a proprietary disk drive that almost nothing uses.


How could they not have the Tandy Twin Floppy with Composite monitor in there?

I’ve got a fair bit of this old shit, and other old shit, hanging around. Definitely a ZX81 with 16k ram pack added :sunglasses:. Spectrum 48k and Spectrum 128k. Texas TI/99 4A too. There are also some old arcade type games as well.
Got one of these - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invader-Space-Vintage-1980s-Hand/dp/B00HSO4WUK
And these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153820357485
And a few of those old nintendo game and watch things.

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£80 for astrowars? CB sheds yet another tear for his lost goldmine of childhood shite

I remember the day i completed it - took about an hour or so IIRC

It wasn’t the most challenging of games, but cool as fuck at the time though.

Rocket landing bit was ace.