Holidays who loves them or who hates them?

Holidays who loves them or who hates them?


As I have been traveling outside the UK for work since 1985

I actually hate holidays.

When not at work I want to sit at home or on the beach / relaxing somewhere not traveling.

Obviously I have to do the tourist bit with the relatives when they arrive, to which ever country I was in, as they would only have the obligatory two week vacation to see the country.

and it has upset the wife on a few occasions when she says where are we going for a holiday and I say well I am going out there pointing to the swimming pool.

I have managed to get out of this now by getting her to take the kids on there visa runs. To various SE Asian countries.

So who else actually dislikes holidays?


Totally understand that you want to spend time at home. Currently doing 14 odd hours a day during the week so at weekends I don’t really want to be going ’ out’ I actually want to spend some time in the house I spend my entire waking life trying to pay for. However, when I do get a holiday I want to be away from all the little jobs and guilt that looks at you if you have a holiday at home. After a couple of days at home you brain starts to say shit like ‘if you were at work you’d be halfway through your week now, better ‘do something’’ . Also the way my job is if my work know I am around I will get calls to 'pop in ’ etc so going away is the only way to actually properly turn off from work andresponsibility.

Saying that its been 4 years since we’ve been awaydue to financial issues and kids having exams etc at school and I am really really feeling the need to just get up and go somewhere

( apologies fairly boring answer)


Not at all @sussexsaint any answer to that diatribe of mine is a good one :lou_lol:


At this point in time I am hating Holidays.

Last 3 years they have been micro time managed rushing.

Land drive to see Mum - 2 hours move to mates 1.5 hours Other mates, Fish & Chips 6X - 1 hour - Sleep

Drive M3 M25 see grandson - 10 hours sleep drive to airport fly to Poland


Now I also HATE sitting on the Beach holidays but LOVE exploring holidays - eg Vietnam or stuff with Golf in it, but this back to Europe & Family Stuff is getting a strain

What I’d give to find time to park my bum at a pavement Cafe somewhere nice, have a glass of beer/wine & munch Moules et Frites or Tapas or Schweinhaxe and know I don’t need to look at a rental car again that day


What I would like is probably an all inclusive holiday but it would have to be somewhere with food that is multinational and I don’t have to think about going to a restaurant or Bar. This sitting down to a set meal at a set time does my head in I want to eat when I am hungry / peckish which is one of the reasons I like Asian cuisine lots of little different dishes all day long.

Just been told we are going out for a Korean meal this evening so Garlic with everything.


Oh, so that’s your real problem then.

You’re pining for a Sandals Resort Vacation in Ocho Rios Jamaica


Nah last time I was in Jamaica.

two girls wanted me to buy them tickets to the UK, I got stopped by Jamaican officials for a set of darts and then by British officials for the same offense .


Oh aright then, be all cliched - Antigua Sandals - plus you have the ODI’s coming up


The Ayatollah will book a trip abroad whenever I get a free day off - now |I am not knocking this as I have done some incredible things, however, I would love a week pottering around the house.


I could do that but the mrs and kids would be furious


I love going on holiday but don’t really bother much nowadays.

Been single for a few years now and done plenty of travelling on my own, or tagging onto to someone else’s holiday, without it being completely satisfying.


Love em as escape from work and being able to spend real quality uninterupted time with family without distractions. Matters not whether at home or abroard (although good weather and eating outside makes it so much more relaxing) - just that WORK email is OFF and its just you and family… bring it on!


If only there were certain countries on the planet where a single tourist could land and just rent a girlfriend by the week…

As tour guide ffs


Love a holiday. Longer the better. Also love getting home.


Hate the hassle of booking holidays. Mrs C_S has taken to deciding where she and the kids want to go and then bombarding me with places that she knows I wouldn’t go to so that her choice is the least worst option

Funnily enough she hadn’t chosen a dud one yet…


That’s the thing though when you actuallly arrive and get into the holiday its fine

I just hate the traveling to get there is probably more my gripe, not the actual holiday.

We do spend a lot of time when I am at home going to different beaches and resorts which when we get to them are fine I just need a Star Trek transporter beam to get me there.


I love holidays. I wish I had more leave. I like both the sit on the beach and chill and the go off and see lots of things ones. I don’t like coming back home. I did consider and have applied for jobs in the travel industry but never managed to get my foot in the door. Agree the search for a holiday can be a hassle and sometimes we end up going back to a place we have been when I’d like to go somewhere new.

If I had a job where travel was a large part I could see wanting to just chill at home would be your holiday.


I always said I’d never be old enough to go on a cruise…filled me with dread.

Over the years we’ve been married (38) we’ve done quite a bit of travelling but pretty well all 1st World with a max flying time of around 12 hours (any longer would drive me mad). My better half had the misforutune to develop a serious incurable illness 6 months into our marriage but we’ve tried not to let it stop us travelling wherever takes our fancy…she’s walking wounded but we have to make concessions to it.

We’ve been to the US half a dozen times (for up to 5 weeks at a time). Caribbean, all over Europe…I like being an independant traveller…book flights, hire car and go. Had a share in a villa (with brother-in-law) in Marbella but sold my share after 10 years…too obligating.

Coming up to my wife’s 60th a few years back she wanted to try a cruise. :lou_facepalm_2: It was her 60th so I gave in and we set off from Southampton Docks on a P&O liner to do the Western Med. To cut a long story short…she had a great time and TBH I enjoyed it too. So now we cruise amongst other holidays…It’s perfect for my wife…no long treks to find and eaterie each night…no searching for a suitable hotel around 5 o’clock in the afternoon after a long drive, plus it’s a very sociable activity. We made great friends on our first cruise and we still see them several times a year…love them.

Off with them again in 2 weeks for a 14 day cruise. Cruising is whatever YOU make it…you can do as little or as much as you like. The age profile gets lower every year as people find the convenience of ticking-off places you should have visited (but never got round to it) is now affordable for nearly everyone.

A Few Myths About Cruises


I can see where you are coming from @lifeintheslowlane but as I have spent most of my productive working life on big boats Cruises is the one thing I have said I don’t want to do, Probably a mistake on my part as I know I will not be working but a guest.

I just cannot get that thought out of my head that when the lights go out I would know more about how to fix it than the engineers in the engine room.


Bus man’s holiday!

That’s pretty cool though, Phil. Being able to fix a boat.