Hey Man, U up for a beer?


Another match, another pre-match. Rockstone or elsewhere? Not altogether sure I’ll make this one, as I’m languishing in my sick bed right now. But the thread needed starting, and I had a title for it…


Off the booze :lou_angry: :lou_facepalm_2: :lou_sad:


Saint likely to make the beer sorry, but defo the match.


You guys and your puns :lou_facepalm_2:


What!!! Stop the world I want to get off…

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“I’m a bit poorly” '“off the beers” " can’t be arsed" wah wah wah - bunch of pussies

I’ll sit there and drink alone then. I’m used to it


That’s nothing, on medical grounds I’ve had to rip up my normal diet and take out hot chocolate and basically anything that’s nice.

So now my only reason for attending would be the camaraderie, inspired footballing insight, progressive political views and the good company.

Maybe see you all at the game?


Is now an apposite time to use the “C” word towards @rallyboy ?


A character?


Is no-one up for after game sherberts then?




Rockstone or Brewdog would get my vote. Outside punt for Bookshop. Brewdog in particular has a 15% stout on - would be amused to see Bletch after a half or two of that.

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Where’s Brewdog? Could be an alternative to the Rockstone I guess. We’d need consensus pretty quickly, as I’ll be leaving fairly soon and I suspect SO5 may already be on his way from Norf Lahndan.


Either is fine for me, I’ll check where you are when I’m off the train.

Isn’t Brewdog off Bedford Place?


Yep, just looked it up. 18a Upper Banister Street, off Carlton Place. Let’s do it.


Sweet. I’ll be there for around 1pm.


I’ll be nearer 2, time for a swift pint or 3


I’m coming to the game and have to meet up with Captain Tim … Brewdog seems as good a place as any


Don’t forget to wear a red carnation

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Brewdog fine - see you there 1.15ish