Having been through the Branfoot era

Having been through the Branfoot era


and the other crap in the early 90’s to the end of the decade when I actually went to the home games and most or many aways I can honestly say from reading and hearing from others this is genuinely the worst the fans have felt about the club, the Branfoot era united the fans and other times we had players to unify around.

What have we now?

We’re Southampton and they’ll never be that, they’re visitors, sponges, leeches and parasites, where will they be when we have Brentford at home next season, how many home games have you been in the last two years and been entertained?


Given that the Branfoot era was pre-internet and you live in an echo chamber I reckon you’re talking shite.

It’s the circle of life, Bazza. Enjoy the ride. See you at Burnley.


Another totally fuckin’ bizarre rant from the rantmaester. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Fuck going to Burnley, I have a few more important things to do like catching air and baking unicorns that weekend, I may go to the Stoke game if I can get down though, why I don’t know, I think our team are a bunch of gutless bellends.


Go to the cinema or theatre if you want guaranteed entertainment. The fans have never been united. They will always find something to fall out about. Football is not about entertainment. It is about venting your frustrations of everyday life. You, my dear Barry, are a prize enable of someone who gets his jollies from negativity.


If they say its enetertainment then thats what it is? Are they lying?


Who said it was entertainment? The Chinese?

Perhaps they ought to award points based on how entertaining the team has been rather than whether they score more goals than the other team?


We’d have even less points than we currently do now, poor idea.


Exactly. So why get so excited by entertainment?


Well I can’t can I?


Shouldn’t that be fewer?




We can discuss the sematics of how you judge a measurement if you wish?


Whats a sematic?


A slipmat used by Peruvian DJ’s.


I think it’s when the gearbox changes automatically or via a paddle on the steering wheel.


I’ve just said its a slipmat.


Should that be it’s?