Have you Bin Dipping out of drinks?


Sunday 16:30 KO

Pre? Post? Anyone?


:lou_eyes_to_sky: :lou_facepalm_2:

Best be careful,Young Bob is a little senstive today. Although I must get doen tio one of these before season end and receive my kicking…


Very true, AG, very true. I’m sure we’ll all be happy to join in.

Regarding Sunday, I’ll be up for a jar or two pre-match but nothing afterwards. Rockstone? Bookshop? Somewhere else altogether?


Pre for me. Rockstone sounds good.


Groovy. I can dig it.


Our tribe will be in The Bookshop, which should be enough to send Goat trotting to the other end of Bevois Valley.

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I may need a few before sitting through what could follow :lou_surprised:


I will be around for a few before and a few after.

It’s half fucking term after all.

Ha hey!


Look what I found in Shepherd’s Bush…

Just popping in for a half.

If I’m not in The Rockstone tomorrow, @fowllyd , you’ll know what’s happened.


What time you lot pubbing?


I shall aim to be there for three.

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2:15 ish .

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Why on Earth does this planet fret about energy production when it has the @saintbletch ?

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Ha! Cool, I’m over in Bitterne so will wander over for half 2 or so. Ish.

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I should be able to drift in sometime after 3


I know, right?

I was going to say, in an uncertain way, that I’ll aim to be there for 2:15, but then I thought what sort of attention seeking tosser aims but then doesn’t deliver.

I will be there before closing time .


2:18pm and I’ve ordered and am drinking 2/3 pint of something very strong .

Just saying.


2.19pm: Bletch has taken a first tentative sip.

2.20pm: Bletch is blotto.


Sounds like Ye Olde Pap’s Pickled Micturation to me guv.

It’s an increasingly successful side gig, but I’m going to have words with my business agent. I wanted it exclusive to Brewdog.


I’ll be there just after 3, in time to see Bletch show us all what he had for lunch by the sounds of it.

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