Harmony of the Seas

Anyone been to see it? I’m back in Hampshire with the kids this weekend and thought I’d take them along for a look.

Easily accessible etc…?

Was there on Tuesday to pick up a hire car. It’s huge and easy to get a good view.

We were in town on Tuesday morning so took a diversion to Mayflower Park. Took one picture which I can’t be bothered to process. A bit underwhelmed really…didn’t look particularly big or impressive. Like all these modern cruise liners it looks like a floating condominium block.

Probably better from on board.

My good that thing look massive! But how tacky is it, and can you imagine 9,000 people all suffering from the sick bug at the same time :lou_is_a_flirt:

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Too big.

Hope the front doesn’t fall off


Originally posted by @Sussexsaint

Hope the front doesn’t fall off

That is a classic sketch


It should have docked in Pompey and left like the Mary Rose

I did wonder if anyone would get it CB :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen this…