Happy birthday Bletch

Happy birthday Bletch


As above. It’s the old rascals 54th birthday today.

Glad I didn’t forget :lou_is_a_flirt:


Happy birthday Balti Stench! You get closer to my age every day…


Happy birthday bletch!


Only 54?

Clearly your profile pic doesn’t do you justice…

Happy B’day


Happy Birthday, Bletch!

Don’t party too hard.


Hopefully when I’m his age I look slightly better than that.


Thanks Rust.

Maths never was your strong suit - or using a spoon for that matter.

This will mean nothing to you, Rust, but I’m actually 54 in base 9.

PS thanks for the Brewdog* Punk IPA. It was lovely.

*The best brewery in the world.


Your obviously having a dull night as you appear to be both coherent and not typing from a public toilet this time.


It’s a school night, The RaleighBoy.

Tomorrow night however…


One year to go to that massive hexadecimal 32 then.


Happy birthday!


Many happy returns Bletch.


Happy birthday, bletcherino.

May all your wildest dreams (that don’t involve gerbils) come true.



I always choke up when I hear this version…

As my old boss used to say…age is just a number, the only real thing to remember is it’s just another day nearer death.

Have a great day nipper. :lou_lol:


Gooseflesh 'slowlane




He deserves a cake with a jumper in it.


Happy Birthday Bletch


Thanks, @thecholulakid , didn’t think anyone else knew I had two birthdays a year.

That’s why all my mates call me “The Queen”.

Or, at least I think that’s why.

Those guise!