Are you Sotonian first or Ampshire.

I am Ampshire first then Southampton

As the saying goes.

Ampshire born Ampshire bred,

Long in the arm and thick in the ead.

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I’m Southampton born and raised but have never regarded myself as being a Hampshire lad. In fact, the only time I ever refer to myself as living in Hampshire is when I fill in a form or whatnot that insists on a county. That shouldn’t be needed though as everyone ought to know where southampton is, obviously.

The thread creator can do that themselves using the edit button, PhilippineSaint; I did it when I realised one of my threads was in the wrong category.

Increased levels of end-user control is one of the many things I like about this place.

I was born in Southampton but if asked where I come from I’d say, “Southampton…Hampshire.”

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question.

I was born in Cowes on the Isle of Wight and grew up in that area, so I can’t claim to be a true sotonian ( at least not in that sense!) but prior to 1973 (I think) the IOW was generally considered to be a part of the county of Hampshire. As I was born prior to 1973 I regard myself as a Hampshire man.

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I always thought it was “strong” in the arm thick in the ead :slight_frown:

I’d be Southampton. The further away you get into Hampshire, the more Tory it becomes.

I like our half-socialist city being the spanner in the works.

This is always a possibility, we need a definitve answer on this any body else help out there although I have always known it as Long in the arm. as in knuckle dragging

Although I was born outside of God’s own county, my parents moved to their current Bishopstoke home when I was but eight months of age, so Hampshire has always been home as far as I’m concerned.

On the length or strength of Hampshire arms, I’d always heard it as “strong”, which to my mind works better. I first heard the expression forty or so years ago, and I don’t think the term “knuckle-dragger” was current by then, though that’s only speaking from my own experience.#

Arms are also strong in the Hampshire outpost of Sarnia, where a certain local will cheerfully blow away any motherfucker who looks at him worng.

PS: I’m posh Hampshire with a nice RP accent, hence the H in my spelling.

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