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Someone once asked me: Halo, why the hell do you like cricket?

My answer was simple: if you are exposed to things early in life - i.e. dribbling and pissing yourself - then, often, these habits will happily last a lifetime. For me, that’s how it’s been with cricket.

You see, in the long hot summers of my very very early childhood, in order to make ends meet, my mother would disappear for days on end to a local holiday camp, where she worked as a chalet maid - or, at least, that’s what she told us. Luckily for me, being a very caring and thoughtful mother, before departing, she would always mix up a bottle of formula milk, mash up a small handful of Farleys rusks, strap me into my pram, chock up the back wheels so that I could see the telly, and leave me staring at something, I learned much later in life, was called a test match.

These days, I suppose the social services would charge my mother with child neglect, which I think would be a shame, because lying there in my own dribble and piss watching the cricket I was as happy as Larry*. Still am.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. More importantly, what do we reckon as to Hampshire’s chances of staying in Div 1 this season?

*Larry was the paedo from next door who used to pop round as soon as my mother had left (not the Larry who’s in my avatar; that one is a nice Larry)

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Not sure about Hampshire’s chances, Halo - but seeing Alistair Cook return to form (and become England’s leading test run scorer) ahead of an Ashes series is a welcome sight.

I love cricket, especially Test cricket. I used to like playing knockabout stuff as a kid, but had never really watched it much until my mid-teens. And then came 1976, which brought together three things - me diong my ‘O’ Levels, the hottest summer ever (or at least that’s how it felt) and a Test series against the West Indies. This last was, of course, spiced up no end by the pre-series comments of Toby Greig, Engalnd’s South African captain, in which he said that England intended to make the West Indies ‘grovel’. Almost needless to say, that wasn’t how it worked out.

So, with a good bit of time in between exams and no end of it after they’d finished, I spent a fair bit of that summer chilling in the living room with my dad and brother, watching the cricket. And I’ve loved doing so ever since, though these days I don’t get to watch it as I don’t have satellite or cable TV, or any intention of getting either. But I have the commentary on (channel 706 on the TV these days) so I can listen while I work.

No, Hampshire aren’t looking too clever this season; I think it’ll be a case of hoping that there are two teams worse than us this season and that we can survive and then improve for next.

I like the way the pitchers rub the ball with their balls and insist they are called bowlers.

It always makes me laugh when someone leaves their helmet on the ground and it looks like they buried someone up to the neck.

I like the REALLY high scores, so when an American tells me that soccer scores are too low and boring I can tell them that they would really love cricket then.

Um, no…Sorry, not my game. Each to their own though, and I hope The Hampshire Raptors (Snazzy new name for them) do well, make the play offs, win the cricket bowl and sell one hell of a lot of collectible cricket cards?

I don’t like baseball either, but i really honestly tried!

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Fowllyd, for me, Tony Greig was excellent value as an entertainer, whether as player, captain or commentator; it was a great shame that he died at such a relatively young age.

The first Test Series that I can recall – albeit hazily – is England v Rest of the World in 1970, which was hastily arranged to replace the intended England v South Africa series, cancelled as a protest against the latter’s apartheid system. Back then, my cricketing hero was Kent and England wicketkeeper Alan Knott.

I was a great fan of Test Match Special; some of my happiest memories are listening to England v Australia in 1989. I spent a great deal of time that summer pushing my 2 year-old son around in his pushchair listening to the incomparable Brian (Johnners) Johnston and his mates commentating on Robin Smith – another hero of mine – take on the Aussies, at times, almost single-handed.

But as the years have gone by my love for cricket has become evermore Hampshire-centric, and like a few other Hants fans, I’ve developed a suspicion – perhaps a paranoia – that the England cricket selectors overlook Hampshire players in favour of those from the ‘bigger’ teams. Whilst my head tell me that there are probably valid reasons why Michael Carberry will finish his career with only 6 England caps, my Hampshire-biased heart tells me that he has been overlooked unjustly.

I find it particularly galling when Hampshire players are overlooked in favour of players who spent their formative years developing their talents in other countries. The final straw for me was when Chris Tremlett was overlooked in favour of Darren Pattinson, generally considered by most people to be a bloody Australian, ffs! (apologies to any Aussies reading this).

Of course, bearing in mind what I previously wrote about Tony Greig and Robin Smith – both of them much more South African than English – and also taking into account the fact that I would have been more than happy to see Hampshire’s Barry Richards and Shaun Ervine play for England, I realise I’m leaving myself open to the charge of hypocrisy, or, at the very least, inconsistency!

Nevertheless, I do feel there is an issue with how easy it appears to be, nowadays, for a player to ‘adopt’ a country to represent; not just in cricket and not just with England.

BJ Watling?

No thanks.

Originally posted by @saintbletch

BJ Watling? No thanks.

I never would have thought I’d be handing out my first thumbs down to my best forum mate Bletch!

Look, you know I’m a sucker for fancy word-play, Bletch, but there’s a time and a place - no BJs or other word nonsense on my cricket thread please!

Message received and Underwood.

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Lols. Oh fuck it!

Derek Underwood, but would you?

Good grief but we are shite

Originally posted by @BTripz

Good grief but we are shite

Yep Bob, we seem to excelled ourselves for shiteness in the current Worcs match :slight_frown:

Batted poorly, bowled poorly. Thank god the weather seems to be doing its bit.

Yes, indeed day 3 of 4 and it looks like a draw is on the cards.

As for the test Shower of Shite, I hope that this Australian geezer coming in can destroy the nepotistic culture that seems prevalent…

Trouble is, with Worcs now 80 odd runs in front with 5 first inns wickets still in hand I reckon they could declare soon and give Hants a tricky 4th day to negociate.

There be that Halo, there be that

Bloody hell, Hampshire 4 wickets down at lunch.

It’s gonna be a long (or more likely short) afternoon.

Originally posted by @Halo-Stickman

Bloody hell, Hampshire 4 wickets down at lunch.

It’s gonna be a long (or more likely short) afternoon.

Left at lunchtime. Too depressing.

Gone home to watch the tennis. Switched onto some womens match and I swear Ben Stokes was playing in a skirt!

Lost as well, so could have been him.

Hate to mention this, Lets B Drinking, but they seem to have picked up since you left: now 143/4

Perhaps you better not go again - it looks like you might be a jonah :smile:

Bollocks 151/5

Knew I should have kept my mouth shut :zipper_mouth:

It’s not just me. No-one has seen them bat well this year. One century in 6 matches. Jeez!

Yeah, the season has become very disappointing after what I thought was quite an encouraging start.

Some of the winter signings seem very questionable to say the least.

What is the mood around the ground, Lets B Drinking? I haven’t been able to get down there as yet this season.