🏏 :hccc: Hampshire Cricket 2023

My last day at Rose Bowl this season and Hampshire’s never ending desire for batting points shows no stopping.

77-5 off 28. Dawson and Brown in. No Barker to save the day as he’s injured.

Handing the title to Surrey, which fucks Essex over, so fine by me.

Dawson gone. 84-6. :disappointed_relieved:

Holland “strangled” down legside. 113-7😪

Fuller gone straight after tea. 180-8 and I’m almost out of Kaleidescope 6.5%. Belch!!!

Brown 67*

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219ao. Brown 78. Mo 0.

I’ll watch 2 overs of Sibley blocking shit out of it. Then it’s off to The Bookshop for Farewell Beers


And Mo"s got the boring bastard for 0 . 1-1.

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Mo bowls Burns for 7.

Currently 26-2 from 11

Surrey 160-8 from 71

I see another “dodgy pitch” fine incoming…

Surrey 207 AO.

5fer Dawson. :clap:

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Lunch, Hants 67-2, lead by 79.

Surrey are champions though as Essex failed to score 400 in their first innings, within 110 overs.

In fact Essex are 211ao & 0-1 after being made to follow on by Northants.

Surrey need 185 to win

Surrey 28-2 off 12.3

Surrey 112-6 at the close

Churning through the champions this morning

Hampshire win by 52 runs.

Good morning Major…


Nye Donald leaving for Derbyshire.


Need to replace him with a quality opening bat. How about Emilio Gay from Northampton, who looked bloody good against us last year, but was injured at the start of this one.

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Ali Orr Organ? Decisions. Decisions.