Hampshire Cricket 2018

Hampshire Cricket 2018





I thought you said you have not been drinking @btripz But Champions in Waiting?

More likely lady in Waiting at the royal wedding.

I just hope we can avoid another relegation battle.



Sarcasm or delusion @philippinesaint Iโ€™ll let you decide.


Weeeeell we are not big on sarcasm on this site so I will have to go with delusional :lou_lol:


Sam Northeast :+1:


Give us a clue then @bucks ?


Officially signing today, but even Wikipedia says he joined Hants a couple of days ago.

Edit: ESPN and others report eight different teams were keen to sign him.


Is he the big target man that weโ€™ve been looking for??


Still none the wiser


Good signing - replaces George Bailey apparently, who is unlikely to come back as the overseas player

We still need an opener or two


Has somebody posted a list of names that are invisible or is

Sam Northeast a real cricketer?


Google not working for you PS?



Sam Northeast Wikipedia page


Hashim Amla :cool: :cool::+1:


Bloody hell - well done Hants - I saw the โ€˜New Signing at 5pmโ€™ message come up on the Facebook page and assumed itโ€™d be Afridi again! Apparently heโ€™s going to open

So what do we think the line up will be?

Adams/Amla/Roussow/Northeast/Vince/Dawson/McManus/Berg/Holland/Abbott/Edwards - with Crane to hopefully come in later in the season?

Ervine still around as a batsman. Alsop might open. Topley only one-days and T20


Awesome signing.


And now Dale Steyn!!

OK only for the final part of the season, but still :cool: