Hampshire Cricket 2016

Delighted - and a little surprised - to see one of my favourite Hants players, Liam Dawson, called up for England in the World T20!

Hampshire’s Vince and Topley also included.



Wow! With only 15 in the squad that is a real surprise, as is Woakes being left out. Fair play though, Dawson was exceptional in all forms of the game in the latter part of the season.

Typical reaction from the clueless KP about Vince being picked ahead of Wright. Top scorer in last year’s domestic competition, top scorer in the recent matches against Pakistan, captain of his side… :lou_facepalm_2:. Brilliant reaction from Wright himself though :clap:

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KP…already the forgotten man.

So we have re-signed an overseas player for this year’s T20. Only the all-time leading wicket taker in international T20s :lou_lol:. Was brilliant for Northants last season, including in the final itself.

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I’m pleased that we’ve managed to resign Afridi: he boosts attendances and is a very exciting and effective player most of the time.

However, I do have one slight reservation about bringing in these high-profile marquee players: when they hit a run of poor form - like Maxwell did a few summers ago - they seem to be virtually undroppable, presumably because of the large amount of money we’re paying them.

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It is Mason Crane that excites me the most.

I believe we have a cracking little player emerging there. I’m certain he’ll be an England regular in the not so distant future. :lou_lol:

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And Reece Topley to feature this season too!

Yeah, I agree Jack: Crane is a very exciting prospect with huge potential!

Just hope we nurture his development sensibly over the next couple of crucial seasons.


And now Darren Sammy signs for the T20 :sunglasses:

Bring back the West Indians from the 70’s will stilll do a job for us :slight_smile:

Sammy and Afridi will be great for the T20

Not so optimistic fot the proper stuff though

Think we should organise a Sotonians day ouit at the Rose Bowl - any thoughts which game?


Excellent idea SO5. Will think about it mate.

Originally posted by @SO5-4BW

Sammy and Afridi will be great for the T20

Not so optimistic fot the proper stuff though

Towards the end of last season, Fidel Edwards was really starting to show what a cracking player he is, and I reckon that keeping hold of him will be a big bonus. If he can reproduce that kind of form, as I said previously (possibly elsewhere) I can see him producing his best cricket in the latter stages of his career. He could be massive for us this season, and if he is firing, we could be set for some fun times.

We’ll always score runs, just need to be more ruthless with the ball to progress.

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So, after a washed out Draw in the Friendly against Cardiff (in which the hugely promising spin-wizard Mason Crane took another three wickets) the Season proper is upon us – starting with a Home clash against Warwickshire in the County Championship, this coming Sunday 10th April.

Mason appears to now be included in the main First Team Squad on the Hants home page for the season, so I really hope we get to see him progressing in his development over the coming months.

Another one I’m hoping for great things from this time out, is 18 year old Pace bowler Brad Wheal. With the security of a new Two Year contract behind him, and having showed his First Team quality in the latter half of the 2015 Season – let’s hope this summer sees him begin to fulfil his potential and splay many opposition wickets for the cause.

I am very excited about this summer for Hampshire Cricket. Whilst we escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth on the last day – it took a great late run of form to accomplish this feat, and confidence should be high in the squad. We played very well at times last year, even in some of the games we lost, but just didn’t get that little bit of luck at the right times.

Will we manage an unprecedented 7th consecutive appearance in T20 Finals Day? And can we make a better start to the Season at First Class level this time out, and begin to put in a challenge at the right end of the table?

Soon, we shall begin to find out. “Sunshine, Beer and Cricket” is back on the South Coast. :lou_sunglasses:


Brilliant start to the season today, we are 13-2 in the 7th over :lou_facepalm_2:.

Thankfully we only talked about attending a T20 game yesterday.

Edit 17-3 jeeeeeeez

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Gonna be another long season…


Ohh fuck off. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

7 down for 88. Already. From 37 fucking overs.

Originally posted by Jack

And can we make a better start to the Season at First Class level this time out, and begin to put in a challenge at the right end of the table?

So, no then.

Glad we got that one sorted out so early on. Saves on building our hopes and crushing disappointment.

Thanks Hants.

Ohhhh, hang on, wait a minute! 97-7 now. The recovery is underway. :lou_facepalm_2:

105-7 Now. McLaren fighting hard on 31, and Reece hanging in there with four.

132-7 now. At least the lads are fighting. It is dire – but it could have been worse.

When I say it could be a long season, it could actually seem quite short if current batting form continues and Hampshire end up with a few three day championship games, and possibly the odd two-dayer.

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