Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


So, re the comments, each thread I clicked on showed the initial comment and it wasn’t readily clear how to get to the latest comments in a similar way to this site, or even get them to the top. Remember, I’m technologically challenged so the site needs to cater for special needs…

I’ll. Have another play at level 3 and see if there’s a difference



So the first time you go into the thread it starts you at the beginning .subsequent visits will take you to the last post you saw .

To move around the thread you drag the date slider to go to the date you’re looking for .

Are you on mobile?

If you’re on mobile then you’re looking for a blue box at the bottom of the list list on the right.

Press the box and then you will get a slider that you can pull down to scroll to the bottom of the post.

If you’re on a PC or Mac then that scroll slider is always there on the right hand side of the screen. Just slide it to where you want to go.


Once again I feel like I’ve been trying to decipher a foreign language.

WTF is happening? Why? And has it started yet?


8,942,376 emails later…

Not sure that I need to have every pm to a newbie sent to me…

Just saying

Excel day so will get bored frustrated and find time to vent properly


There’s a setting for that.

Press your profile pic at the top right.

Press the cog.

Select preferences

Select emails

From here you can change when discourse emails you


Это совершенно просто. Я действительно не понимаю, почему ты не можешь понять.


Отправляйся с сотоновского русского спящего.




Я буду отравлять всех вас, вы, которые спят со своей матерью


Уходите в вагину


Hmmm, that doesn’t translate very well

Пойдите, присоединяйтесь к Skirpal, вы любите собаку, которая спит со своей сестрой


Still no better.

Someone may care to explain all at half time on Saturday. Although I expect Belch will be off somewhere buying a wardrobe???


Yeah…“go away Vagina” isn’t as punchy as the three word phrase I was looking for.




Hey Bletch, after the excitement of posting a picture of a pussy in the shower on the dummy new site, a couple of questions 1) would the site benefit from a clearer / dedicated"home page" which would make the site attractive to new members / casual browsers - more important for the latter? 2) are you aiming to do away with the weekly & yearly leaderboards (didn’t / couldn’t see them or did I miss them)? Aren’t they key?


Oh, and the slidy thing doesn’t work brilliantly on my Microsoft phone - probably me.


Pussies in showers. My Tortoise.Instagram posts

Gotta be careful the new site will morph into a data theft free facebook


You’ll have the pleasure of my company at half time so I’ll be happy to walk you through it then.

Basically we’re looking at new forum sotfware and some brave souls have been testing it.

Feedback is positive so far .

  1. don’t know. Discourse does what Sotonians currently does. What do you think might go on such a home page?

  2. remember we’ve made no decision to move to Discourse, but no I’d like to think that we would get at least what we have now from moving to a new platform. The points system is still there but we would need to make a leaderboard more prominent.


You posted on Discouuse that you’d managed to get to the end of a thread (I think), does that mean you got this to work?