Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


There is ONE issue that the techies will need to resolve.

The automated emails (ie signing up stuff) is automatically interpreted as Spam by Yahoo Mail - may be the same on other platforms.

You can do some funky certifiable stuff to resolve that I think??

I mean who ever reads their Spam ?


Point of order Roy Chubby-Round, Bletch implied nothing of the sort.

As I’ve said, we’re just looking at this at the moment and no decision has been made.

BUT, I would envisage that the owners would be Admin level 4 users and that the Soviet (Am I really typing this knowing that @bearsy and @tokyo-saint are on the Soviet) would be ‘Normal’ users at level 4.

This would mean that for all structural and behind the scenes running of the site only the owners would be able to make changes but for general admin duties The Soviet would be able to do that - as well as other posters who had reached level 3 or above.

It actually begs the question of whether, in a Discourse world, you would hold elections to the Soviet or whether you would instead let the community create Soviets by just promoting them to level 4.


So, two issues here.

At the moment emails are coming from a testing domain ( and as no email systems worldwide have ever seen email from that domain, the email whitelist/blacklist heuristics will put it in Spam by default for many email providers.

As more and more people move their email from SPAM to Inbox, so the whitelist heuristics will start to identify it as harmless.

However, IF we were to move to Discourse, then the emails would come from and that would almost certainly go straight to Inbox.

If they didn’t, then I would imagine* that you can tell yahoo email** to treat @sotonians as non-spam.


**who uses for their email nowadays - it’s the tech equivalent of writing with a quill.


There is a discussion on Discourse and GDPR here…

Here’s the OP…

GDPR that will be effective in EU by 28/5/2018 requires more careful handling of personal data. As I’ve analyzed needed changes in our software I’ve found following:

We need explicit consent by user to gather personal data (username, ip addresses) - I think that registration in forum can be taken as explicit consent :white_check_mark:

We need to handle them any personal data per request, so is there any convenient way to export the data we are collecting about the user? I mean are there any data not currently visible to the user in his profile? I can only think of IP addresses.

We need to delete the data per request - this could be easilly done be removing all post, removing user or anonymizing user. :white_check_mark:

Are you EU providers preparing for this new policy somehow?


Level 4 mother fuckers, you read it here first. I made it to curry night!


You do realise that The Soviet position is renewed annually, don’t you?

…and that IF we move to Discourse, we’ll be sure to do it 366 days after the last Soviet elections.


Woo hoo! another win

It is actually possible to copy text on the new supersite

And appoint your Data Processor and Data Controller.
You will actually have the same rabbit hole that I am falling down.
We have an SaaS solution. It links lots of tech including Mobile & Communications. Our IP does funky shit on the cloud.
We sell that SaaS to companies that then interact with their clients.
Exactly like Sotonians - you have “us” and our stuff is then stored by you on someone else’s servers.
I need an army of legal beagles to write the correct contracts - as technically would you.
IF your cloud provider is compromised and data is abused, your asses have to be covered legally and vice versa.
Which is why I am meeting experts next week to begining to make sense of how much that will all cost
And next trick is to see if copy and paste now works from here easily

  1. Work email is gmail

  2. Android email is gmail

Work things need Android Apps and demos on my phone. Most are white label test ones. Work accounts are fatal because you can get fired and lose everything yet I do not need "Event Apps. So that is massively messy. gmail is WAY more easy and susceptible to Spam than anything else I use, plus you get all those farking emails about looking at octo-porn on You Tube or whatever and it STILL gets shit from Google + (how is that still going?)

  1. Work things I don’t want work to know about is windowslive and important stuff like all my Ryder Cup training and security things

  2. 15 years of personal shit is on yahoo and no way I am exporting all of them anywhere



Obviously any important things and proper emails are encrypted and buried in the dark web account that my (sadly deceased) Security Guru set up for me when we hacked the NSA and had to leaave town in a hurry




Not like pap&bletch inc to make up the rules as you go along. Anyway, everyone knows it takes you fuckers 6 months to count the votes and another couple of months to decide if a trip to a random pub in Totton is required or not. By that time I will be level 4rd out of my tits on tikka masala.

We can always look back to the great original soviet though. Like when we erm… err… changed the rules so it was like a suggestion box. The golden days of papsweb.


Oh shut the fuck up you needy cunt*.

Deal with the fact you’ve been weaned and are in the real world where mum can’t save you from the paps and then bletches of the world .

Grow a pair you scothc twat.

*Love you like a brother/son.



Curry rage is a horrible thing.

Just level 4 me so I can start infracting people.


My eyes don’t work and my hands won’t stop shaking. Have I missed anything?


No but it sounds like you have an exciting evening of self-indulgence ahead of you.



I shall be technotarding the new site to destruction* if only the site address would be recognised on my phone browser - A fail already?

* If I can’t break it then it’ll be good to go Bletch.


Had a very quick go on the site. Looks good and new

Need to spend some more time obvs but a couple of comments 1) couldn’t pm admin, but I seem to recall it might be disabled :wheelchair: 2) couldn’t seem to get to latest comments in threads - again, probably me.

Will play around a bit more, probably later in the week. Is thee a testing deadline @undefined



thee = there

  1. So new users are level 0 - I’ll up your level to Level 3 which should make things easier.

  2. Latest comments always display in the home page all the time - you should never need to refresh - they just appear. Can you give me more details?


I can confirm that @cobham-saint has been elevated to level 3 - as has @ @intiniki 's login.


I may go slightly Chutters and change my name to Technofucktard it’s as good a description as Cobham Saint, they both describe who I am…