Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


Well the stuff that scrapes the current Sotonians and posts in the new Sotonians is written in Python and uses MongoDB. No SQL anywhere near it.

(As is Optimus Trousers BTW)

But there’s no way I’d write forum software without a SQL engine.


Yeah, I mean, just who could GolfStory be?


Dang, I’ve been rumbled :lou_facepalm_2:


Internet identity theft.

Bloody Russians again.


@btripz is a Russian ?

Does he have any Vodka?


Hmmm…This migration thing:

  1. Will we need a Blue Passport?

  2. What about holders of the current EU Passport…will they have full rights to the NHS ?

  3. Can I still collect my pension at the Post Office or will I need to open a Bank Account?

  4. Can I also use my other username “youngfella-m’lad”?

  5. Will Bazza still have to undergo the castration process agreed upon in the private exchange of views with Mr. Pap?


OK funsters, I need some volunteers to test out a few new features of the Discourse forum.

We will now allow new sign-ups to login (authenticate with Sotonians) using Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

If you’ve got a login with one of these platforms could you try to create a new account?

IF your Facebook, Twitter or Google account actually uses the same email address that you registered with Sotonians with, then instead of a new account you might actually just log in as your old self.

Please let me know what happens.

The Process

Firstly, ensure you are logged in to your account on either Twitter, Facebook or Google. Then visit

Next, click on the Sign Up button at the top next to the Log in button.

On the next screen, click the account type that you have - Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Follow the instructions that you are given and please report back here what happened.

Let me know the account type (Google, Facebook or Twitter) that you used, what device you are logging in from (PC, Mac, Android phone, iPhone, other phone) and what happened.

Thanks for your help.

Time-wasting twats (That’s you @fatso need not apply.



Tried logging in from Google and it went tits up.

Hopefully screenshot attached.


Google error for Bletch


Nah, that didn’t work either. Now I’ve got to remember how to post images…


Doh … actually I didn’t read the instructions fully or properly …

I logged in from a Samsung Tab S2 with my Google details and I can report that all is well.

My only complaint is that I’m no longer Saint CD but now I’m Saint_CD. Not sure I’m comfortable with that.



Tried logging in with my fb account and it wont let me use my user name :frowning:


Cheers @saint-cd , appreciate the effort.

Unfortunately, the new forum will force us all to remove our spaces.

Remember this is just a test forum so nothing you post there will be copied back here (here being but new posts from here will be copied there (there being



Oh, and whilst you were trying your Google login it was broken but I just fixed it so it might not have been you, it might have been me.


Is this The Matrix?


What is the message, @tigger ?

Is it complaining about spaces or other characters?

Ahh, if you’re trying to use Tigger then that won’t work because that already belongs to you - you are effectively creating a second account.

This is just a test site.

WHEN we move to Discourse properly you will have the Tigger username still.


Okay then, logged in


Good evening Mr Davies.


Too bloody complicated

On a phone

When it automatically lots me in.

Maybe after I finish drinking Czech beer with my Italian Pizza in Krakow.



Logged on using Google account

Seems I’m still Technofucktard on the new site.

Can I keep that as my alter-ego?



When I logged in for the first time on the new site it wouldn’t let me use my og username and password so I had to register as LITSL1. When this site closes can I revert to my og username?

I’m being quite calm and reasonable at the moment but I’m likely to throw a senior tantrum if I can’t post using my og username. :lou_angry: